Can anyone ID these strings?

Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by Silverface, May 6, 2018.

  1. These were on an Upton "Hawkes" I recently got. I know pretty much zip about upright strings - I played quite a bit years ago but strings were pretty much "whatever is on it" or "sell me some light gage". These seemed pretty stiff to me, but I can only compare them to some weedwackers I bought (obviously not really a comparison!).

    If I can find out what they are I may be able to look up the actual tension. As it stands I'm just guessing.


    JBS_7032.JPG JBS_7032.JPG
  2. Chris Fitzgerald

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    Oct 19, 2000
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    Spirocore mittels are red on both ends.
  3. HateyMcAmp

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    Apr 13, 2006
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    Looks like Spiro mitts to me. Very nice strings, and very durable. Tension/stiffness is medium-high imo.
  4. Sam Dingle

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    Aug 16, 2011
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    Just to sound like a broken record but those are 100% Spiro mittles/mediums.
  5. Thanks!