Can anyone identify this cabinet-maker?

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  1. They're custom made in California, and he fits two cones into a cabinet sized for one cone (if the cabinet is a cube, there are two speaker cones on two different cube-surfaces). So, like if there is a speaker cone coming out perpendicular to the ground, there would be a speaker cone shooting sound up directly into the air

    Sorry for the poor description, but that's all the information I was given (the guy also said they sound very very good, and there's great customer service)

    Any ideas?
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  3. i checked those out, but they don't really look like what I was told...i think the person that uses the cabinet plays a keyboard through it, but he said the maker also does bass cabinets

    any other suggestions?
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    post a pic. that would be a whole lot easier
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    Sounds like Acoustic Image to me..