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can anyone please shed some light on this for me? i really need some help! (thanks)

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Boozy, Nov 16, 2002.

  1. Boozy


    Apr 29, 2002
    Kelowna BC, Canada
    well, i'm going to try to keep this short and simple (but i cant promise that!)..

    i've been playing with a pretty crappy setup, but i like the way it works for me.. (while playing fast/heavy/thrash/punk/rock)

    i plug my stingray into an old sunn concert bass head then speaker out #1 > old traynor 2x15 cab with crappy speakers & preamp out > main input on fender bxr60 1x12 combo..

    here is why this works well for me.. i cant get any low end out of the traynor 2x15.. maybe its the closed/non ported cab or maybe it's the speakers or maybe it's the sunn head.. i dunno, it cuts through like crazy though and i never noticed a problem with slow response so i like it for the highs/cutting side of my tone.. so i added my little bxr60 1x12 combo to the setup.. i set all the preamp controls & eq on the bxr60 to have virtually no highs or mids, just clean bass...

    so now... when i am playing i hear mainly low end bass coming from the little bxr60 and mainly highs and mids coming from the traynor cab... it's balanced, and provides me with basically what i want to hear (while playing that is)..

    here's my problem.. i cant get the lows to be growly as i would like (bxr60 isnt very versatile!) and the highs are kind of crappy sounding (if i drive the highs real hard i hear crackles and whatnot coming from the traynor cab, the speakers are real old, mismatched, and brobably 1/2 blown)...

    so, how do i get this same "feeling" i get now, but with a completely new setup? do i try a biampable head and drive my lows to one cab and highs to another? for some reason i dont think i will like that...
    do i get a preamp for each cabinet so one cabinet is EQ'd to hear only growly lows, and one cabinet is EQ'd to hear only crisp, strong cutting highs?

    i think i am set on the idea of being able to individually control my lows and highs like i can do now, but i really need input on this.. please help me!

    the last couple of jam sessions i just played through a old fender bxr300 1x15 combo.. i actually liked the growly sound i could get from it but it seemed slow to respond, i couldnt get that cutting-ness from it..

    my last dilemna... the bxr300, to me, sounds great for slap or solo style bass.. i play through it at home while i play by myself and it is perfect for that (for me)... i hate playing through the traynor/bxr60 setup by myself, it sounds like crap.. but when i'm playing along side my marshall distortion freak guitarist, the traynor/bxr60's style of sound is a must have...

    this "last dilemna" is a dilemna because i know i can go to a music store and try out all the great gear and get many tones i like, but once i am paired with good ol distortion freak, will i still be happy with my "new gear"?

    can anyone shed any light on this for me?
    sorry about the long topic, i'm really getting frustrated! (i have the money to buy myself what i want, i just dont know what i want).

    thanks in advance for any and all help.
  2. I have an ancient Concert bass head myself. It's got maybe 130 watts RMS which should be sufficient, but your gear is as ancient and crappy (no offense) as some of my gear. First, the Sunn head is notorious for loose/lousy connections inside, on mine at least all the circuit boards connect with push-on connectors which were all very oxidized and loose. There was maybe 2 dozen or so of these single-wire connectors. I soldered them all and the amp started working much better (until an output transistor started getting noisy last time I fired it up). So maybe your amp isn't up to snuff--oh also, these ancient amps usually need new filter capacitors because after 30 years they die with age. So that's first thought: amp not up to snuff.

    Also, the cab's speakers are probably pretty well worn out. The cones get saggy and weak, and the surrounds go south. Maybe even one driver is blown. So you aren't going to get great sound out of your cab.

    While you do have the option of trying to fix what you have--I personally would try that, but I dabble in ancient amp repair for the fun of it--upgrading to new gear is what I would recommend (which it sounds like you've already decided on). Having tried lots of gear over the years, though, I can safely say that testing gear in the store isn't a very good way of finding out what it's really like. Amps that sound good in the store can sound crappy on stage, and vice versa. So it boils down to a question of $$ and what direction you want to go--separate amp/cab? combo? pre-amp and power amp?

    I dunno if that helps any, but good luck.
  3. You could always go with the tried and true SVT CL and an 810. Loud, low, and bright. It should keep up with a Marshall stack with a ton of distortion. Or if you want tons of lows and lots of crack, I may be selling my two SVT 215's. Try that with a SVT CL and you'll blow out a window and get a noise violation!!!

    Good Luck ;)
  4. LiquidMidnight


    Dec 25, 2000
    Sunn's never had a lot of lows to them. We have a Beta combo here at my house and I usually boost the lows almost the whole way.
  5. ESP-LTD


    Sep 9, 2001
    For the highs, try a Peavey combo (like the 130-150 w flavor) with a Black Widow 15. The BW is a very fast driver with lots of mids that cut well. Buy used; they're built like tanks.

    Lots of things will get you the lows you want; maybe even a PA sub powered by your Sunn. Keep in mind that anything that gets real low will probably not get very loud with 130w.
  6. Boozy


    Apr 29, 2002
    Kelowna BC, Canada
    thanks a lot for all the replies everyone, muchly appreciated..

    i came to a couple conclusions last night while jamming and messing around with everything..

    i ran the old 2x15 traynor cab with the head in my 300 bxr combo.. sounded very full range and deep... this concludes that it was the sunn head giving that cabinet a super bright, non-bassy sound.. this is cool becuase now i know, but not cool cause i like that bright sound (i like it while in line with a deep bassy growl!)

    then i tried this.. i ran through the bass 300 bxr head, speaker out #1 > 1x15 (in 300 bxr combo).. with a sansamp bass di in the effects loop i used the parallel out on the sansamp to go to the sunn head and from the sunn head to the traynor 2x15..

    this = super growly lows coming from the 1x15 which was being powered by the bass 300 bxr head and preamped by the sansamp.. (this alone sounded pretty good but i was still missing that bright cut).. then with a dry signal being sent to the sunn > traynor 2x15 i got that brightness the sunn head seems to provide.. i like.

    i think i like the tone of an SVT but with brighter mids & highs.. i'll be playing around some more today.. but THANKS to everyone that gave me some feedback.


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