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Can anyone shed some light on Peavey Milleniums?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Magneto, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. Hi forum,

    I guess you can see that I'm a newbie here.

    I've been doing some research on a low-priced 4-string to get my feet wet again. I've been away for too long.

    I was checking into some Peavey basses, and I keep running into different models of Millenium basses. One is an inexpensive 200 dollar BXP-4, quilt-top, passive gear, but others are higher-priced active rigs that sell for much more.

    My local Peavey dealer didn't even know of the newer BXP 4 and 5s. Can anyone shed any light on the significant differences between these? Or perhaps point me somewhere where I can find the info?

    If anyone owns one, I could sure a reliable hands-on review of the quality of the instrument.


  2. Rod Harder

    Rod Harder Supporting Member

    I checked the Millenium BXP series basses out at a dealer here in Canada and I have to say from what I can tell, they are a REALLY good value for an inexpensive 4 or 5. They are all 21 fret basses, passive J/J pickup configuration, 34" scale, and have a quilt top in 3 or 4 different colors. The 5 string that I played was OK on the low B, but I found it to have a couple of dead spots on the E and B strings, but that's fairly forgivable on a bass this cheap ($280 CDN for the 5 string). The 4 string was VERY impressive, and played very well, and sounded pretty strong for a definite entry level bass. They do however look GREAT, and seem to play pretty well, however I did notice the fret edges were a bit sharp on one of them. This is pretty common up here, especially in the winter when there is zero humidity, so I'd chalk it up to the weather more than the manufacturer, since I played a few of these basses and only one had noticeably sharp fret edges.
    I'd say that for someone who likes the Peavey Millenium shape and feel they're a good buy when you consider what they sell for. The much more expensive Peavey USA basses that you have seen are actually now discontinued and you can sometimes find them on Ebay and even here on TB for a pretty good price from time to time.
    Do a search here on TB and I'm sure you'll find some info on the USA Milleniums that will help you more.
  3. HarderMan..

    I surely appreciate your thorough description of your experiemces with the Millenium BXPs.
    Your thoughts sound alot like the feedback I've read around the web, and most of it was pretty good considering the low prices of these instruments.
    I am seriouly considering purchasing one of the 4-string models. I'm currently rumblin' on a really cheap 4-string (Rogue) that was lent to me. Although playable, after setting it up properly, this one leaves alot to be desired.

    My local music shop does have the made in the USA model Millenium on the rack, and I'm wonder how close the BXP model would be to this one. I might go check it out just to see what this bass "feels" like, even though the electronics are alot different.

    Any more feedback is welcomed, and thanks for your help..

  4. Mike


    Sep 7, 2000
    I had a 5 for a little while. It was a solid bass, played nicely, pretty light with a comfortable neck and gigged well. Like so many others, however, I traded it or sold it shortly afterward. Good bass. Good price.
  5. Hey Mike,

    Thanks for your input. If you happen by this thread again, what was the quality like on the 5-string you played? Did it feel like a well-made instrument?

    Darn.. I really wish I could just try one for myself, eh?

  6. I have Mikes Millenium 5 and it is a really well made bass.It's an American made one,black with Maple board.I've had it a couple years now and havn't had to have a setup done or feel I have to change anything to make it better.It's great like it is.I can't say how the new ones are because I havn't seen one yet.By the way,thanks again Mike,this bass is still my favorite.