Can Heaven come in bass form?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by freakbass, Aug 1, 2004.

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    We had our big D/FW TB get-together today, and I had the pleasure of playing a ton of cool basses, but I've got to give a major shout out the the guy who hosted the event. Pete Skjold of was not only nice enough to feed us and give us a place to play, but I must say, he makes one of the finest basses around. IMHO, they're definately the best you can get for the money. Check 'em out! :bassist:

    **Just for the record, before anyone calls this "spam", I am in no way affiliated with Skjold Design Guitars, in any way other than the fact that I played one and I really liked it.**
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    I'll second this. I had the opportunity to play two 4 strings and two 5 strings, and Pete does some great work! His craftsmanship is very good, and the playability and tone are superb! And he is a great player, too. It must be really cool to be able to do something that you have a passion for. He is a great guy, and his instruments are highly recommended.

    I am very happy with what I have, but the closest I came to getting bass GAS was when I played one of the fives. It had the thin neck profile that I prefer(he also offers medium and thick as options), and it was a beauty. I started thinking 'What if...' and them realized that I cannot justify owning any more basses. But if I am ever in the market for another custom, Pete will be on my short list of luthiers.
  3. It was a great time at Pete's place Saturday. I went into his office and played every one of the basses he had there. They all rocked, and that SC design is a trip!! I spent some time talking to him towards the end.... and picked out the wood for hopefully soon to be ordered fretless.
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    Yeah, I'm not usually a big fan of singlecuts, but man, his freakin' rock.
  5. All his basses rocked!!

    Oh... you have pm coming!!