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  1. i was thinking of getting the SEYMOUR DUNCAN 3 band preamp
    the problem is this my fendr jazz has 3 pickups. i added a p between the j's. the preamp is pre-wired for two pickup applications with 4 control knobs(blend, master volume, stacked bass/treble, and mid controls).my bass is setup right now with master voilume and blend for the two j pickups and a volume for the p pickup. the volume is a stacked knob with tone for all.

    can u use star gorunding with this?

    is there any way to wire it?
    i want it if possible to be stacked two volumes. one for the jazz pickups. and one for just the p , the blend for the j's. then stacked bass/treble, and mid controls.

    any way tomake the mid and blend on a stacke pot probly not?
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    Oct 14, 2002
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    no reason why not that I can think of
    yes, this is possible.
    no, no aftermarket pot available I know of that does this.
  3. o well looks like if i do this ill be moving the jack.