can I get 2 inputs for my ampeg b2r

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  1. I am looking into getting a drum machine, the probleme is my amp (ampeg b2r) only has 1 input. Is there some kind of splitter i can use to run it through my amp. Or somehow run it through the effects loop in the back.
  2. Matthias


    May 30, 2000
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    Yes, you can use the effects return.
  3. ok lets pretend I am a complete moron:eek: How do I hook it up, Also I have a keyboard with all the drum patterns set can i just use that? I tried just pluging it into effects input and it did not work, I does work in my main input jack though but since I only have 1 input that won't work.:(
  4. You'll need some kind of mixer to do it right. Radio shack may have a small mixer you can use. I have a couple of small mixers from Radio Shack that I got years ago that are perfect for what you're trying to do. Check to see if they still make some. I'm talking really small and cheap. One of mine is battery powered and one is AC.
  5. very very cool, I used to dj and I have like 4 mixers, just never thought about using one, thank ya:D
  6. In that case, you have some options.

    You can run everything through one of your mixers. The mixer should drive the EFFECT RETURN just fine. All tone and volume will be controlled by the mixer.

    Or, you can run the mixer into the guitar input. This way both the mixer's controls and the amps controls will be active. However, you'll probably have the run the mixers master volume control very low to prevent overdriving the input of the amp.