can i put frets on my fretless bass

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  1. i have a fender jazz fretless bass and i want to put some frets on it can i do that or will it be to hard and cost to much money? should i just get a new neck, if so anybody try the warmoth necks?
  2. well, i've heard of people de-fretting a bass, but never adding frets to a bass, i suppose you could, but i would suspect that it is pretty expensive, especially if you mess up and ruin your neck. I would recommend a wormoth neck of something like that. It's a lot easier and safer.

  3. Can't be done without a new neck. You would have to make a fret sawing jig that worked on a whole neck as opposed to just a fingerboard.
  4. yea thats what thought. i am just going to save up and buy a wamroth neck. maple neck rosewood finger board older style fender frets and a yellow tint gloss. it should look great!
  5. Aaron Saunders

    Aaron Saunders

    Apr 27, 2002
    I don't see why it would be so impossible. If it's lined, then hey, you're one step ahead of the game -- you know where to put 'em! How do you think people put frets on basses in the first place? Take it to a luthier and ask. For something faster, ask on the luthiery forum here, you'll probably get answers from those more experienced, where fretjobs are a daily chore. Either way, good luck!
  6. Sure it's possible, but the cost will like run as much or more than a refret on a fretted bass. Probably in the $200 range.

    As far as cutting frets on a neck, I've got a jig that does just that. I cut nearly all fretboards after installation on the neck itself.

    "Has anyone tried the Warmoth necks?"

    You haven't been around here long have you? ;)

    Lots of Warmoth stuff here on TB. Nino Brown has built some incredible Warmoth instruments. I have a Warmoth fretless neck on one of my own custom instruments. Warmoth is very high quality and IMO is probably better than original equipment. You can find your neck for under $200 but it will have to be finished to complete the warranty requirements. I think it would be worth it to get a replacement neck and give it a try. At worst, you can resell the neck and not take a loss on it. They hold their value very well.