Can I thin up a Peavey TVX cab?

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  1. Hello, I would like an opinion on whether this would be feasible or not. I drive a Toyota Corolla sedan which has a very narrow trunk entry. This means I can only slide thin cabinets in there, like guitar 212s for example. What would happen if I take a Peavey TVX 115 or 410 cab, saw a slice of it and then glue the backside back together to make it thinner? I know it won't sound the same, but will it sound acceptable for a bass cab? Would I need to change speakers and rework the front side to accomodate them? I already have a 410TVX and I have the opportunity to buy a cheap 115TVX, which I could experiment on.
  2. More knowledgeable people will almost certainly add better info soon, but Im guessing the tuning will be thrown off, perhaps badly. I'd look for a cab that fit better or a more suitable vehicle if you want to be a gigging bass player. Sometimes it's handy to be able to schlep more than just your gear. :)
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    I always ring posts like these interesting. Before I even consider a different vehicle, I make sure I can get my bass gear into it. Cutting down either of your cabinets will most likely end up with a worthless cabinet.
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    I think it might be better to sell the TVX and buy something that fits rather than chop them up. If they're ported, you'll be screwing with their tuning, frequency response, power handling, driver fartout point, and low end extension. If they're sealed, the same applies but to a lesser extent. It might be bareable or it might cost you a perfectly good cab that you'll never get your money out of. If you're willing to go that far, why not build your own 115?
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    Leave the peavey at the practice space. Buy a new smaller cab or two for a modular rig that would fit your car better.
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    If you have a sedan, I'm surprised it won't fit sideways in the backseat. That's how I transport a 410 or even 810 in my somewhat compact car. I have to move one of the front seats a little to angle it in
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    I wouldn't butcher the cab. If you've tried all you can think of and you need a smaller cab, take your saw and try building a cabinet from scratch. Two 210 cabs is one option.
  8. OK, what if I saw it down the middle to create two vertical 210's? This way each half of the box gets half of the bass reflex port, which is a long rectangular opening on the bottom (as opposed to a big round hole)? And just lose the tweeter, or get two very small ones?
    Reason I'm asking is I'm tired of losing money on re-selling gear ...
  9. It's easier to build a new cab than to chop an old one up correctly.
  10. IMO, if you are even asking this question, do not attempt it.

    My friend Harley Dear (BFM builder, New Zealand) successfully did this with a bass horn.
    Mind you, Harley is a master craftsman with years of experience to pull this off.
    A bass horn is far more complicated than a Peavey 410, but you still have to make an accurate cut.
    More important, is how much meat is left between drivers, where you make the cut?
    If these are tightly butted together (I suspect they are), you will have VERY little extra meat after the cut.

    Do yourself a favor, don't make a worthless pile of sawdust out of a usable cab.
    Sell it.
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    Just sell it and buy another cab. Butchering is just gonna leave you with 2 bad cabs.