Can I Use A Combo Amp with A Power Amp?

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    I'm sorry for the ridiculous question, but I honestly don't know much about amplification.

    I'm currently running a Fender Bassman 25 bi-amped with a Peavey Fury 128 guitar amp for more treble and overdrive. I love the tone I get from the little Fender (I could take or leave the Peavey...I basically just use it as an effect that I'm sure I could replicate in a less bulky manner).

    I've been playing through a bunch of different head/cab combos and some preamp/poweramp/cab combos at GC to see what I like tonewise if I upgrade to a gig worthy rig. I've tried the Ampeg SVT (the head and then an SVT pre with a power amp), GK 400RB all the way through 1001RB, Eden WT550, and a couple of Hartke heads (all through an Ampeg 410 and an Eden 210...I liked the clarity I got from these) and sadly enough...I still love the tone of my Bassman to all of those heads.

    I still haven't tried the Ashdown MAGs or EVOs or the Fender TBP-1 (I figured this might get to a similar tone, being a Fender...but I'm sure that's also flawed logic in that my Bassman is solid state and the TBP-1 is tube).

    My question (sorry for the long intro) is...can I use my Bassman 25 with a power amp to power a 210 and a 410 and keep the tone I like? Just for reference, I like to play everything from Motown to Death Metal and I play on a Geddy Lee Jazz with the tone knob and bridge vol cranked to full and the neck pickup on half...I have my low knob at 12 o'clock, my Mid at 3, and my Treb at 5 on my Bassman. I prefer light guage D'Addario nickel roundwounds. I also have a fretless PJ and I'm getting an Ibanez sr506 (and I should be set on basses).

    Any advice on whether I can use my Bassman with a power amp or a good alternative head and/or preamp would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a ton!!!
  2. If you have a preamp out you can hook that to a power amp. Just don't try to connect 2 amps to one cabinet, don't connect the speaker out of one amp into the other amp.

  3. You can connect your combo to a power amp with the line out, effects send, or possibly even the headphone out. I don't know which of these options will give you full control of your amp's signal being sent out. My guess is part of what you like about your combo is the speaker so pay close attention to speaker selection when cab shopping. Probably the best "big rig" version of your single 10 is 2 vertically stacked 2x10 cabs of your choice.

    Happy hunting! :bassist:
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    Thanks for the quick answers guys! Another stupid question...why does vertical vs. horizontal matter for the 210s? I realize this sounds ridiculously dumb (I just read that sentence a couple of times and I feel like a moron), but I just want to clarify. Thanks much!!!
  5. Vertical eliminates comb filtering. (Not really, but makes it occur when you're moving up and down, vs walking across the sound field.) Vertical array is now the preferred setup.

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    Oh, I see, I didn't realize that people were doing that! I guess that might make sense...I'll have to try it out at GC on Monday!

    Does the preamp from my Bassman matter as much as the speaker for my sound? Would either of you know or might be able to venture a guess as to what brand of cab might get me close to the Fender 10" speaker only on a larger scale?

    Thank you both (and anyone else who chimes in) for your time and help!!!
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    Would the 2 210s have to be stacked on their sides, one on top of the other, or side by side?
  8. I run my 2x10's vertical, and stacked so I have a tall 4x1 array. 4 10's stacked in 1 vertical line. My 2x10's are as wide as my power amp/preamp racks though, so its still sturdy/stable like that.

    If yours are stable that way, you can do the same, but if they're tippy that way, stick with each cab horiz, stacked on each other to make a 2x2 array of 4 10's. No reason not to try both and see what you like the sound of better. In rooms that eat up the bass, I've had both 2x10's on the floor to get max bottom end out of them.

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    Cool! Thanks Randy...I will try all the combinations and see what I like! Do you (or anyone for that matter) have any suggestions for what type of cabs might sound like my Bassman? Thanks!
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    If you were running a signal out of your amp head from the effects send and you wanted to use the power section of another head, would you plug the cable from the effects send on the first head into the effects return on the other head?

    Here's what I'm thinking of trying tonight...please let me know if this is possible...running the preamp section of my old GK 400RB through the power section of my Carvin B800 (from by BRX112 combo amp...I have it stacked on an Aggie GS112). Is this doable? Thanks!
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    Feb 11, 2005
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    line out of a BA112 into a Peavey DPC1000 power amp into an Avatar great.
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    Can one run the preamp section of one amp (say a GK 400RB) into the power section of another (like my Carvin B800)?
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    Bumpity. Please answer my inane question(s) if you are able! Thanks!!!!