Can Line 6 Toneport UX1 Record Vocals and Guitar simultaneously?

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  1. I'm interested in making the purchase of the Line 6 Toneport to record bass lines as I practise, as well as to practise my backing vocals. When using this interface would I be able to hear my vocals while i record, and be able to play back both my vocals and bass, or can you only record one line at a time?

    It's not a big deal if they'd be put as one track, as long as I can hear them both simultaneously
  2. i believe you can use both you have to go to where it says imput on the editor prorgram and i think both is an option.
  3. RevengeGoose


    Oct 21, 2007
    yes you can.

    Just plug them both in, select your input as Mic and Instrument.
    It will display two buttons up near the name of the preset or tone you are using, one with a guitar and one with a mic. Click one or the other to set what preamp, effects and etc.

    For recording you will need to arm two new tracks, one with th input desginated as ASIO Toneport Inst and the other ASIO Toneport Mic/XLR
  4. RevengeGoose


    Oct 21, 2007
    you're welcome

    btw i love the toneport, it sounds great and the Bass Expansion is wicked sick!
    it has great cab simulation and they've got a mic simulation too! i use it for all my recording.
    One thing though is that by itself the bass can sound a tiny bit artificial if you don't set the EQ and such right.
    It's not too artificial but just a tiny bit.
    And in the mix it sounds perfect, it really shines if you record =]

    Hope this helps buddy!
  5. cool! how is it for live playback, if i'd use it to practise my playing and singing at the same time?
  6. wardak


    Dec 3, 2001
    I have the UX2 which does let you do 2 mics at once, or 1 mic + 1 guitar/bass. I'm not sure, but I thought the UX1 only let you do one at a time, but you'll need to check. The UX8 does 8 channels at a time. Also, I thought I saw a smaller mobile version, a GX or something, that does guitar only.

    You can definitely practice with this thing, and of course record. I use it with Sonar, plenty to learn, no issues it works for me. Strangely over the past two years I bought Project5, then kept getting/finding cheap upgrade offers to Sonar and then Sonar Producer edition for a significant savings. Check the upgrade or "cross grade" options out if you need that software.

    Live might work, but it would really depend on what you're putting your sound through--and you're depending on a computer to run well. With bass, I definitely prefer my bass amp and cabs. With my Bongo HH going into the Toneport, the signal from the instrument is a bit on the strong side for the Toneport and requires adjustment to make it right, built-in presets are not plug and play but once you find your settings, save the preset of course (no biggy to me, I tweak the settings all the time)--tempted to run the bass into a DI box of some kind prior to the Toneport.

    I haven't forayed into backing vocals yet, but I see our vocalist using his Helix (sp?) Helicon box. It almost seems like a backing vocals person could use one too, to do multi-part backing harmonies. Toneport will do a lot but I am not sure how well it'll harmonize stuff--there are some features like that, haven't gotten into them, but it certainly has some limits to what it'll cover vs some of the specialized vocal effects boxes. It's an inexpensive start, and very handy!

    You can also feed MIDI sounds through the Line6 plug-ins. Sonar does a pretty good job on typical guitar sounds--I can loop that audio through a Line 6 plug-in from their add-on software bundle. Pretty convincing especially for practice. Are you doing any MIDI?
  7. Nopers, no midi for this boy. Yea, bass guitar outta my stereo (via my pc) typically doesnt sound so good. I assume I could run my bass through my amp, than go line out into the toneport using my stereo to only play back the vocals. :)