Can someone help me find a bassist?

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  1. hello, everyone--

    civil forum member reporting in here :p

    just wondering what tips you might offer in finding a good rock bassist. i've posted here looking for one, with no luck. we're just striking out left and right. people don't even respond to my e-mails -- even when they post their own ads saying they're available.

    here's the scoop: we're a hard prog rock band based in lower westchester, 'bout 1/2 hour from nyc proper. we're accessible from nyc, the bronx, queens, even northern new jersey. we're also willing to travel to a bassist if s/he has a rehearsal joint close by [or a home studio]. we drove 3 hours to long island every week this summer to rehearse at our old bassist's place, so that might give some sense of our dedication.

    our music is very cool, if i do say so myself. heavy and aggressive, progressive but with definite hooks. i wouldn't call it 'hardcore' if we're talking hardcore by today's standards. we don't play grooves at 700 bpm, etc. but we're not soft, introspective, sensitive types, either. i guess i think of us as inspired by zeppelin/rush/sabbath/hendrix/ soungarden etc., but with our own sound. the guitarist is a berklee guy and uses very interesting voicings, but, as "dubyah" would say... make no mistake... this is a ROCK band.

    michael jewels...whaddya say? this up your alley? hey, i grew up in rego park... does that count for something? :rolleyes:

    anyhow... sorry i'm rambling. we just really want to hook up with someone good who can groove hard and is cool, with no major head trips. we'll even supply your beer. we're all in our mid-later 30s, but honestly... we look damn young. i still get proofed!

    we were playing a lot in jersey and getting a good response, and want to keep it up.

    we rehearsed last night just to keep our spirits up, and it was REALLY strange having our singer sing the bass parts, and me throw in extra doubles on the bass drum just to give it some bottom end.

    SO... advice, inspiration... TAKERS????

    lemme know!
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    Hey MIKE,

    Maybe you'll have more responses to this thread in MISCELLANEOUS.
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    MIKO -
    Look in:

    BTW, I went to school in White Plains.
  4. zulu -- did ya go to white plains h.s.? what a funny coincidence. where in white plains did you live?

    other person [blisshead? i'm sorry! it's hard to remember names when they're not in front of you!] thanks. i'll move it over there.