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Can someone tab this guitar part for me please?

Discussion in 'Tablature and Notation [BG]' started by Dbt25677, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. Dbt25677


    Jun 9, 2013

    At around 2:20 there's a little guitar thing played on a classical.
    Could someone tab it for me please?
  2. ChunkyMunky


    Sep 4, 2013
    Considering that's a midi, if you get an original copy or a rom of it (PLEASE, CIA, DON'T JUMP THROUGH MY WINDOWS AND VICIOUSLY ASSAULT MY CAT!) you should be able to rip the music straight from it. I did this with the Pokemon games a while back when I was going fingerstyle arrangements of songs. Any other questions, message me on here! :D