can the ebow damage your bass?

Discussion in 'Ask Steve Lawson & Michael Manring' started by gooze, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. gooze


    Nov 27, 2005
    i've read many of the threads about the ebow (though i have never used one), and i have not seen anything that states whether or not the ebow is hurtful to your bass. do the strings take much abuse over time from it? and could the magnetic field it creates possibly mess up your pickups? thanks!

  2. no...all it does is get your strings vibrating...i would guess it does as much damage to your strings as you plucking them--maybe even a little less because the strings are just being vibrated, and not even plucked :)
  3. xparis001

    xparis001 Supporting Member

    Jun 10, 2003
    Providence, RI
    Senior Product Manager, Akai Professional
    depends on how hard you throw it at said bass... :bag:
  4. :D
  5. DeathDancer


    Oct 10, 2005
    Fairfax, VA
    No, you'll be fine. It certainly won't harm your strings in any way. As for the magnetic field over the pickup, the ebow manual actually tells you to do this to find your 'hot spot' so you can set volume. Not that I trust all manuals but I've been using an ebow for... ten years (wow, didn't realize it had been that long) and I've noticed no changes in any of my basses because of it.
  6. gooze


    Nov 27, 2005
    ok thanks for the help, guys
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