Can you believe this????? scam...

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  1. This was in a email this morning ! Any takers? :eyebrow:

    My Dearest,
    As you pray for me , I am sending Greetings to you in the wonderful name
    of our Lord Jesus! May the Lord's favor and peace be multiplied onto you,
    to God be the glory My name is Jim Russell. I know that I don't know you
    but I have been directed to do this, as you may be filled with
    reservation, curiosity, skepticism, asking why I have decided to offer
    this to you.I am Jim 57 years old merchant based here in the UK, I have
    Been diagnosed with kidney Cancer a Disease that has defiled all forms of
    medical Treatment, destroying my heart and kidney.
    My doctor report indicates that I have but only few Months to live.

    Though I am very rich,But right now some of my properties and investment
    are being diverted or confisticated by business associates. I realized
    that I have to make trade-offs.
    As a mission to fulfill my commitments to affect lives.I have in deposit
    with a finance Company here in the UK a huge cash deposits which I intend
    to distribute to charity through you.I have been touched By God during a
    prayer and fasting session to direct all my possesions towards assisting
    the needy for what shall it profit a man to gains the whole world, and
    loss his soul".

    After much prayer today. I have asked God Almighty to direct me to an
    honest and Trustworthy person that will use this Fund righteously to reach
    the needy considering the fact that I cannot do this myself as my health
    has deteriorated real badly. You will receive 15% of the total funds for
    your effort and I want you to know that I have in safe-keeping every
    document that will facilitate the released and transfer of my funds to
    My contacting you is divine and my faith is in God. More details will be
    communicated to you once you indicate your intention to assist.this done

    Yours Cordially.
    Brother Jim Russell :eyebrow:
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    "Here in the UK"

    CTbass, aren't you in the USA? That's a definite scam. :p
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    But first you must help cover processing fees by sending $XXXX by Western Union to the person in question. :scowl:
  4. It's really disgusting how many scammers use God in their descriptions. :(

  5. I call it "Church".


    But that's nothing new for me. ;)
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  7. Beat me to it :p
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  9. His cancer has "defiled" all forms of medical treatment :eyebrow:

  10. That's funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good catch.
  11. Which one are you referring to, and if you look, I put a smiley after as a funny.

    Even a moderator put a smiley on here. So..........what's wrong?
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    lighten up stucco.
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    Zing! Brilliant.
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    Apr 4, 2008
    go to and look at how the situation can transpire. it can be quite entertaining if you have the weekend off :p!
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    Gotta love scammers.

    Love them with all your fist.
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    I hope you wear a glove.
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