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Can You Play Bass Pregnant?

Discussion in 'Technique [BG]' started by agreatheight, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. This is a real post, not a joke. Mods, feel free to move this if there is a better place for it.

    I bought my wife a bass and a rig at the end of last year to teach her bass. I was hoping that a hobby would take her mind off of the fact that we were having trouble getting pregnant. Plus, then I would have someone to jam with playing the drums. Of course, now she is pregnant! Can a pregnant woman play the bass? I say no (it just seems physically impossible) but thought I'd ask to see if anyone knew something I did not.

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  2. Audiophage


    Jan 9, 2005
    Haha, you had a hard time getting pregnant.

    I've seen some pretty fat people play bass, having a large belly can impede your reach, but I don't see why it would be impossible. Just let her find a bass position that is comfortable. I would be more concerned with whether or not she would be able to play bass after the baby's been born.
  3. mustang-monk


    Feb 1, 2008
    it may affect reach but im sure she can find a comfortable position, if it was a heavy bass id advise only playing sat down but i dont see why she cant play
  4. VisualShock


    Feb 19, 2008
    North Wales
    congrats on getting what you finally want btw
    I'd say she should be able to play sat down fairly easily, maybe stood up, but you'd have to experiment with strap lengths and such...

    you're gonna have a baby bass player! how cool is that!?
    you recon he'll be born with calouses on his fingers?
  5. rockwarnick


    Jul 29, 2006
    Rockville, MD
    i missed the part where thats funny
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  6. It shouldn't be a problem...

    Obviously remind her to be careful on how much weight she is putting on her belly...gotta think of the baby first...
  7. dave64o

    dave64o Talkbass Top 10 all time lowest talent/gear ratio! Gold Supporting Member

    Jun 15, 2000
    Southern NJ

    Agreed. We spent several years trying unsuccessfully and then finally gave up when we accepted it just wasn't happening. Luckily what they always say can happen did happen to us - we reached the point where we accepted it, gave up trying, and it was in that same cycle that my wife finally became pregnant. I guess to someone who's never gone through it that kind of joke can seem funny. However, I hope you never have to go through something so emotionally trying on yourself and your marriage. You'll no longer see the humor in that joke. Just ask the bookstore cashier who joked about me buying a book called "How To Get Pregnant". She lasted only a few minutes at that store after I spoke to the manager about her "little joke".

    Having said that ...

    I can see how it could be physically difficult to play bass when pregnant, for a few reasons. A protruding belly is one thing, but having even more weight up front would probably make being pregnant even more uncomfortable. Maybe a strap that goes over both shoulders would help? Or playing sitting down as others suggested? Maybe wearing the bass higher up?

    Interesting question. I'm curious to hear how things work out for her.
  8. Congrats bud!...we tried for 11 years before our little girl came along.

    She will be fine with her bass, first of all, she won't be showing right away, and when it gets closer to 9 mos. she probably won't wanna be on her feet too long, so she can easily sit and play.

    I'd say she'll have a harder time playing bass AFTER the baby's here...:D
  9. MarkMyWordsXx


    May 17, 2006
    +1 not funny
  10. glwanabe

    glwanabe Guest

    Apr 21, 2002
    Congrats on the success of your home project. Being a Dad has been the greatest joy in my life. I have three daughters.
    We went through some tough times getting pregnant as well. I know how emotionally trying it can be. I hope everything goes well.

    Pregnant Women can do almost anything they want, as long as they are comfortable doing it. Your Wife will know soon enough if she wants to stand or sit while playing. I thought you might be concerned about the frequency of the sound waves and if they could harm the babys hearing. I don't know about that.

    My Wife carried my golf clubs and walked the course with me till she was about 8 1/2 months. She wanted to carry the bag for the exercise, and it was not a big bag. Still we got some cock eyed looks out on the course.
  11. my wife's 7+ months prego and i can play bass just fine! (congrats btw ;) )
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  12. +2 not funny :scowl:
  13. Sounds like now would be an excellent time for her to try her hand at electric upright. She learns a new skill and baby has plenty of room to move around while she does it. Everybody wins. By the way, my wife is at 6 months right now, and a little solo bass performance really gets him bouncing around in the womb. I think I've got myself a little future TBer in there. :hyper:
  14. glwanabe

    glwanabe Guest

    Apr 21, 2002
    This has to be the rudest comment I've seen in awhile. It's almost as rude as the kid who cut me off in traffic and then flipped me off.

    Please tell me what great amount of experience you have on this subject.

    There is also a difference between a person who is obese and a pregnant women.
  15. Jazz Ad

    Jazz Ad Mi la ré sol Supporting Member

    No problem at all from a physical point of view.
    Don't let her attend extremelly loud gigs or rehearsals though.
    The foetus's eardrums are delicate and could be damaged even through the belly.
  16. srxplayer


    May 19, 2004
    Highland, CA
    She should be able to play. He comfort level standing and sitting at times will effect her ability to play more than being pregnant itself.

    I would be most concerned with it being hard on her back, and preganacy in the later stages can cause some back strain standing with a 10 lb. bass slung over her shoulder will make it worse. I would advise against her standing up and playing in the later stages.

    As long as she can get comfortable when she plays I doubt there will be a problem.
  17. Scot


    Mar 20, 2004
    Pacifica, CA, USA

    I wouldn't sweat it. I think she will know what's good and what's not quite naturally as women have instincts about these things . As long as she's careful about not banging the body of the bass against her tummy it should be no problem. I'm sure the little one will be grooving right along too.

    My ex plays drums and gigged 6 nights per week until a few weeks before the birth of my first son. Guess what? He now plays drums and percussion.

    BTW - lighten up, y'all. I think Audiophage was trying to make a joke about the idea of a male (the OP) being pregnant. Maybe it isn't all that funny in this politically-correct day and age but it seems harmless enough to me. He makes a very good point about finding time to play AFTER the child arrives. If she doesn't get hooked BEFORE the child arrives she may never take to playing the bass.
  18. kesslari

    kesslari Groovin' with the Big Dogs Staff Member Gold Supporting Member

    Dec 21, 2007
    Santa Cruz Mtns, California
    Lark in the Morning Instructional Videos; Audix Microphones
    Being around music is great for the unborn baby.
    My wife came to a lot of rehearsals and gigs (low volume) while pregnant with our son.

    When he was about 6 mos old we were in the studio mixing an album, and she came by to visit. They came into the control room while we were working on mixing one of the songs we played a lot while she was pregnant.
    And 6 month old Sam totally, completely lit up. It was really noticeable, and pretty clear that he "recognized" the music that we had played while he was in utero.

    Great memory, that...
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  19. we're in this situation right now and have been for 5+ years. this TB'R is an insensitive fool.

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