Can you recommend me some new pickups?

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  1. Fender MIM Deluxe Active Jazz. 4 String.

    Came with stock Fender Roundwound and tried some GHS Bass Boomers, which is what I use on all my other basses, and never liked the sound. sounded bright and twangy and the E string totally lacked any sound because of it. I have to run flatwound or groundwound. This also means the slaps sound muddy and dull.

    Stock sits with 2 Dual-Coil Ceramic Noiseless™ Jazz Bass Pickups.

    Looking for something to add a bit more low end growl and punch and allow me to play rounds again.

    Otherwise, do i need to change the pre?
  2. i'm currently thinking Seymour Duncan Pro-Active™ for Jazz Bass® AJJ-1

    or some Fender Custom Shop

    what do you guys think? will it help cure my lack of bass?
  3. What kind of amplification are you playing through?
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    You shouldn't need to use an active p/u because the active jazz's have an active preamp not an totally active system. I have the same bass that I ripped the frets outta and put a Duncan 1/4lb jazz in the bridge and a Duncan 1/4lb '51 P-bass p/u in the neck (SCPB-3). Sounds great for slap n pop, or heavier rock and funk too. Technically the p/u's arent noiseless but the hum from the neck isnt noticeable.
  5. running a Mark Bass Little Mark 2 and a Mark Bass 104HF.

    might look at the 1/4lb. just kinda travelled through the SD page looking for the pickups that matched my music style. Much trouble fitting the SCPB-3 into the neck position. any alterations?
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    I've got some Nordstrands in my Jazz V and they sound terrific. Big and beefy. I also have some Amalfitanos in my other Jazz, and they sound like a great, classic jazz. I'd recommend one of those to anyone looking at a pickup upgrade.
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    Nordstrands are indeed wonderful but they are pretty pricey. Might not make sense to drop topshelf pickups into a MIM instrument. Heck, it gave me pause to stick nordies in my MIA. :eyebrow: Was worth it though.

    Are you working within a specific budget?
  8. i got some Dimarzio on the way......