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Can you spot the difference in these?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Nuttboy311, Jul 24, 2004.

  1. Nuttboy311


    May 30, 2002
    Because I can't. We have here the "Ashdown MAG 115T Deep - New B Stock" (as quoted on Music123.com) and the "Ashdown MAG 115T Deep." Both have the same stats, dimensions, look, and everything, but the first one is only $212.99 and the other is 249.99 and Music123.com states no differences other than the title, and there is no info on Ashdownamps.com concerning the first one. I am really close to buying one of these, but need to know the difference and how this would work/sound with my MAG 400/410 combo (the 400 watt MAG head with the 410's).


  2. outofthedeep

    outofthedeep Guest

    Jan 14, 2004
    East Texas
    seems to me that the only difference, per the description on the"b stock" link, is that the b stock is a return.....
    go for it, its cheaper...
  3. Nuttboy311


    May 30, 2002

    That's really the only plausible reason I see for the lower price, but I am naturally just a little weary.
  4. Edwcdc

    Edwcdc I call shotgun!

    Jul 21, 2003
    Columbia MD USA

    As you should be my friend.
    You can always return it if you don't like it.
  5. Nuttboy311


    May 30, 2002
    Wow, I finally found some info on the "B stock." On music123.com - "Noticeable scratches, dents and/ or nicks. Typically a customer return or refurbished product. GUARANTEED TO PLAY PERFECTLY. Includes FULL MANUFACTURER WARRANTY* and Music123's 45 day 100% satisfaction guarantee." But the full manufacturer's warranty isn't offered by Ashdown. And I just called them and they said that it isn't really even worth it because the B Stock doesn't offer free shipping and I would have to pay $25 to ship it which basically evens out with a brand new one with free shipping.
  6. Nuttboy311


    May 30, 2002
    So onto my next question, how would this 115 work/sound with my current setup? Would my head have enough watts to power it properly and I already know that the 8 ohms will work. Second, does anyone have a similar Ashdown setup like I am looking to achieve? If so, what is your experience with it?
  7. Nuttboy311


    May 30, 2002
    I just placed the order for a brand new Ashdown 115t deep cab and boy am I dying for this to arrive! This is the first upgrade I have ever made to my rig and I couldn't be more stoked! I have never played through a MAG 115, only the ABM, but I do own the MAG 410, so I am kind of trusting Ashdown here, but with a 45 day warranty I can't go wrong. Anyways, will post pics as soon as it comes in!!! I know that it has gotten old here to brag about new equipment, but this is the first time I have ever gotten to do so, so there :spit:!