Can you use an acoustic guitar amp as an EUB amp?

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  1. Sorry I this has been discussed before, but can you use an acoustic guitar amp with an EUB?

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    At low volume yes, but keep in mind that most of those amps aren't meant to handle the amount of low frequency a bass puts out. Depends on the amp of course. I used to use a Yorkville with a single 8" speaker acoustic amp, and it sounded good at low volume. Couldn't push it too far before it started to break up though.
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    Concur. One exception to the rule might be the SWR California Blonde which I've found to be a great double bass amp. It has a 12" speaker, a tweeter and probably weighs nearly 50 lbs so it's hardly a serious contender against today's lighter weight bass combo amps. It can get really loud before it starts sounding brittle.
  4. any accoustic amp is fine .it just depends onth power and speaker size. amps like AI and aer are not strictly Bass amps they are designed for accoustic instruments . as ere EA I find a 12 inch speaker too big for a DB in a Jazz situ
  5. Thanks everyone. I'll have a look at the one's you've suggested :D
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    I gig regularly on both DB and EB with a Carvin MB-12. With 250 watts and great features, it's the best sounding price/performance amp I've ever played through. I buffer my full circle with an fdeck going in.
  7. Ok, new question: does anyone know of a cheap (-£100) practice amp for DB/EUB? I'm looking for something cheap but with a much power as possible.
  8. The only ones in this price region with more than 10 to 30 watts are cheap chinese (i.e. Thomann's Harley Benton series) or Behringer (which are also chinese made), I think.
    But I have no idea if they are any good for this money or suitable for EUB (probably not for DB).
    You might want to look at the Thomann website Thomann Cyberstore for a rough overview of price and power of bass amps.
  9. Yeah, I was just thinking about looking at thomann. Thanks :')
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    I use a AER Compact 60
    I use a Fdeck pre too

    I have tried other guitar amps but........
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    Aren't we all?

    A used AI combo.