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  1. Anyone know of an online Canadian string dealer along the lines of
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    Well, I had always used Strings and Beyond for my guitar strings because they ship free to US and Canada on orders over $35 - so I would just order multiple packs of strings and - TaDa - free shipping. And pretty good service too.

    I have not ordered Bass strings yet as I only just bought my first bass (Squier Jag SS) and I'm still using the strings that it came with. Until I get a better feel for the instrument and what kind of strings I want to play on, I'll stick to these.

    They do have 160 products listed under Bass Strings, so you should be able to find something. And with the crappy looney, free shipping is always nice.


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    And fast, and with lots of good advice when you need it.
  5. Definitely! I'm in Nova Scotia and got my order in about 20 days. $11 shipping isn't bad if you're buying a few sets.
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    You want a string dealer or a comparable one? As a Canadian I can tell you that you will not find a better deal that Jason at BSO, especially since he dropped his Canadian shipping rate. It is cheaper for me to get a pack of 6 string DRs from him with shipping than it is to go to L&M and buy them, and then wait god knows how long for them to actually show up.

    Ensure you sign up with your TB account at BSO and order 2 packs, you save more than enough to make it worth it.
  7. Thanks for the advice, guys. My main concern was brokerage fees, as that turned out to be an unpleasant surprise ordering tubes from the states ($50.00 - yow!).
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    May 5, 2008
    Jason ships USPS so no brokerage fees
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    They shipped via a courier or the package was rather expensive ($150+ in my experience.)

    When importing always ship USPS, otherwise you are guaranteed mystery charges. If a seller does not ship USPS I usually do not conduct business with them. There is more upfront cost but it is always the cheaper option in the end. USPS does have brokerage fees, just only on expensive items.
  10. Yeh, UPS around $140.
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    You're in Nova Scotia not Greenland. 20 days! That is anything but fast.
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    Ordering from Jason always feels good, but the shipping is slow via USPS. I ordered some bass strings from him recently and guitar strings from JustStrings on the same day (both Stateside shipping to Halifax via post). The JustStrings package was here in four days, the BassStringsOnline package two weeks later. No idea why.
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  14. Another shoutout for Jason at BSO!
    Cheap prices, Cheap shipping, and I got my strings in just over a week. Awesome stuff.
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    +1 for BSO
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    I am Canadian and buy all my strings from Strings and Beyond. Shipping is free over $35 but also it seems they have free shipping special almost every other month. They ship USPS. So there are no brokerage fees and I get my strings 2 - 4 days after I order. Just a great company.
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    I'm also in N.S. and get my orders in 8 - 10 days.
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    If you are looking for TI strings, you cannot beat They do not list them on their website but you may be able to order them through the phone. I buy all my TI strings at their brick and mortar store, 59.99 is hard to beat. Other than that, L&M online sometimes has some interesting stuff in stock, but, yeah, BSO is probably still your best bet.