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Canadian Trades

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by The Antipop, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. Canadians, wha are your opinions on the big push for tradesperson here in Canada?

    radio, TV, schools.... I know they need them, but are the commercials doing any good? Could that money be spent in better places?
  2. Im a carpenter...and the way i look at it...people will always need us. Someones gotta build their homes or offices.

    I know in my area there is pretty high demand for workers...and it seems young people just dont want to do the work. I have seen alot of young people show up for a few days...but then leave cause they say the work is too tough for them.
    And as of now..most the companies in my area are all run by older folks as well..who will probally be retiring within the next 10 years...and as it stands...looks like there wont be many people to take their places.
    Which is kinda good for the very few who have shown interest..cause if things keep up..they will be able to charge what they want...and people will have to take it, cause there wont be anyone else.
    (Remember that Simpsons episode with the foundation repair guy who was "the only foundation repair guy in Springfield")
  3. if you ever think about retiring from the rics.... let me know :bassist:

    I've been doing trades since I was 15 (am 20 now... about 2 years CNC machining and 3 years welding) and today is one of the first days I have taken off (I was diagnosed with pneumonia a week ago and with weather like today (snow) I took it off because well, it is pneumonia and without a bit of a breather.... I won't be breathing anymore.

    Anywho, I noticed the same for people my age comming in for a few days then leaving for the same reasons. My brother was co-oping in welding (following my footsteps, aswell as bass playing) and well after 2 weeks stopped going. Now he is expelled from school for now attening at the tender age of 15... had a chance to learn a trade and everything. He is just one example, I say suck it up, deal with it until you find something you like and gather even those few co op months in case something happens and you need to fall back on it even.

    Sadly for him, I have an amp I was going to give him for xmas but he is being way too stressful on the family... so... he is getting school supplies :p