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Canon in D tab

Discussion in 'Tablature and Notation [BG]' started by Granville, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. Just watched this little fellow on utube:

    he messes up abit which is cool but I was impressed,911 says it has the tab but wont link?

    Anyone here played this? I might record his and slow it down but would still need the tab,I did search the forum 1st.

    Really loving the classical stuff and Id love to digest as much as possible so all help is appreciated!

  2. TheBassBetween


    Jun 25, 2005
    Well, I can tell you the obvious stuff.

    Canon in D is a very popular chord progression. Uses a lot of perfect fifths.

    Chord progression is as follows:

    ||D A|Bm F#m|G D|G A||

    However, he may title his post Canon in D, but his key is actually G, unless I've gone COMPLETELY and ABSOLUTELY insane, his first bass note is a G, and his second note is a D. So:

    ||G D|Em Bm|C G|C D||

    So for the first part of that video, he just plays the bass notes. That is,

    He starts to get a little more complicated, playing root, fifth and octave. That's a power chord, if anyone's wondering.

    Then he double thumbs it, Wooten style.

    That's all I can really say right now. I'm sure you've figured that out already, but just a reference for everyone.
  3. Mikey D

    Mikey D

    Nov 30, 2006
    Birmingham, UK
    Not a bad video, timing is a bit off in places, but hey, it happens. My favourite version as far as I am concerned on solo bass is that of my teacher.

    Before you say anything about me being biased, i heard of this version as a by-note in an English bass magazine about 8 or so years ago. Mentioning that this British bassist had it on his show reel tape...ever since I have tried to work out how he played it (without ever hearing it) As an 18 year old and reading such a thing I thought it was possible to play it as I heard it in classical music...i mean, 4/5 or more individual parts on a four string...it seems thats not quite what he does...but:

    It just happens by chance many many years later that I am studying with the bassist that they were talking about. I finally heard him play it two days ago...


    It really does sound like at least 3/4 different parts...

    I will ask him nicely if I can record him playing it to put up here as it hasn't been recorded officially as far as i know.

    If not he will have his site up soon with his playing on...Fred T Baker. Keep an eye out.
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