Can't decide on bass colour.

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  1. Apologies, I know there have been threads on this before, but I still am having trouble choosing a colour. I'm having a custom bass built by Chris Larkin. It's an all maple bass with an ebony fretboard. I originally said I wanted a transparent black(greyish) colour, like you'd see on a streamer stage 1 bass, but now I'm not sure. I do like natural colour, but I have a warwick Streamer Jazzman, that already has a honey natural finish on it(also has the flamed maple top) so I didn't want the bass to be too similar looking. Does anyone have similar basses that might be able to help me decide? I kind of ruled out high polish already, but I do like the look of some high polish maple tops in sunburst type colours. Opinions?
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    Congratulations! I've always thought that Chris Larkin basses look great.

    I usually am not into bursts but I think something like this F-Bass charcoal burst would look great with a matte finish:

    The subtle narrow burst combined with the gray leaning towards brown has a great organic quality to me that would be enhanced by the matte finish. Cheers!
  3. Was hoping to see more replies. Nice colour, but definitely want to see other people's finishes. Bump
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    I like the "pink" one

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