cant find desired sound with new svt 3

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  1. evil sagoo

    evil sagoo

    Jul 1, 2003
    Just some advise would be great from anyone using same kinda sound. I just cant get close to sounds on my favourite albums. Im in a loud rock n roll band, were into the clash, foos, JEW, smashing pumpkins, At the drive in. The sound im after is opitomised by nirvana's bleach, At the drive in Relationship of Command, 3 colours red Pure. I know sounds vary from track to track but its basically deep low bottem end with a grungy clang top end recorded a great sound in studio straight into desk that sounds like two distinct bass tones in one, how do i reproduce it live?. I play a p bass with a pick n just bought an svt3 n 410hlf for its versitility. I cant get the mechanical clang of the top i like n the bottem end sounds muffled, I cant be far off as my gear is pretty much rock standard. do's anyone have any ideas for tone, eq or add ons etc. appreciate any ideas :rolleyes:
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    Keep in mind that lots of tricks are used in the studio. Sometimes two basses *are* used... even if not, one bass usually goes onto multiple tracks, with different tones (and maybe effects) on each track. That said, here's some advice for getting a grindy tone with an SVT3:

    Start with all knobs flat, including the graphic.

    For big bottom and bright top, I'd say engage the Ultra Lo switch. That'll scoop your mids, and boost bass and treble.

    For metallic top, you have a number of options: Bright switch, Ultra Hi switch, and Treble knob. Try boosting one at a time, then experiment with combinations. Oh yeah: you could also try setting the Frequency switch for the midrange to position #5 (3kHz), and boost that.

    Once you get close, I'd say play with the graphic equalizer. Boost the frequencies you like, and cut the ones you don't like. It might help to write down settings you like best. With knobs and sliders, don't just go from zero to full....try in-between settings.

    Note that you can get some grindy growl by boosting a midrange frequency. YOu can use either the graphic EQ or the variable midrange control for this.

    Oh yeah: using a pick is good. Fresh roundwound strings will help too.