Can't Quite Hear this ... Simple Country Question

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  1. I'm playing the song "If You Don't Like Hank Williams" by Hank Jr and have quick question (for refereince: ). The bulk of the song is simple root-fifth country but there is a little accent note at the 0:14 mark in the song right before he says "big John Cash". It sounds like the verse starts C-G--C-G and then the part I'm questioning comes next, in the third bar..maybe C-G-A or C-B-A (with A being the accent note I'm hearing) as a lead in to the G on the 1 beat of the next bar.

    Also, in the transition between the G chord and the C chord at the :22 mark, is that a C# I hear as the transition, for example
    |-1-3-?-- |- 1-3-|

    I know this is simple country and I'm performing brain surgery, but I just want to know what exactly is being played there..