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Can't you call someone and tell them they made a horrible mistake !?!

Discussion in 'Orchestral Auditions [DB]' started by masterofbass, May 30, 2002.

  1. I was recently at the Charleston Symphony Principal Bass audition and came away from the audition very distressed and disturbed.

    First off the comitee decided to hold the audition all in one day. I found this extremely strange because the coordinater had told me they were expecting 69 applicants and that's a bit outlandish to think you will find the right bass player for the job in a period of ten hours for close to 70 players.

    Secondly they held their audition at a former baptist college on the north-side in a band room with awful bathroom type-like floor. I had to play my audition next to a snare drum and all kinds of misc. percussion crap.

    The Third and final straw came in the second round. I was the last in the group of eight and directly before I entered the band room the conductor shows up to the audition all half-assed and asks "where do I need to be?". The coordinator tells him "There you are! Go on in they've been expecting you." All the people previous to me were given a chance to play all of the required selections, but after this guy shows up every one starts getting cut off. I didn't even get to play my solo and it was damn good too. This was obviously very unfair, not only for me but for all the rest of the candidates as well. Everybody was not given the same exact oppurtunity and all that the conductor cared about was when he got to go home that night.

    I'm not trying to claim that I should have won the job or anything like that. The point I'm trying to stress is that we as bass players must make so many sacrifices day to day. The plain ticket or rental car, the flight case, the hotel reservation, the van taxi from the air port, taking time off of work or school, and last but not least musical and mental preparation. I'm trying to work 40 hrs. a week, take classes part time, and practice 5 hrs. a day, so I'm already stressed out. In my opinion the actual audition process is the easy part. I usually worry if I will have enough money to make it back from the audition to home more than how I will play because I know if I practice everything will be fine.

    I've been to four auditions now and I'm passing rounds and everything, but every audition seems to be run worse and worse to me and I just need to vent I suppose. I just think there needs to be an exact guideline that every orchestra should have to follow so that all auditions are the same depending on the number of applicants. I feel like taking legal action against Charleston for emotional distress and waisting my ****ing time! Sometimes I wonder if I should have taken some of these auditions or just taken on a second job.

    Anyways, if you have any good audition stories, words of advice, or inspiration please don't hesitate to holler at me.
    Sorry to go on so long with my bitchn'. I think I need a whine burger and some french cries!

  2. Wow that sucks! However, keep in mind that eventually you'll get your break, you just have to deal with a lot of idiots and suck it up alot to get there. Although I am not a orchestra player, I am aware of the pettiness and unfairness of the club circuit, and you can draw alot of parallels. Unfortunately, they key is usually to keep your mouth shut and treat people well, even if they don't deserve it. The worst part about all this is that these scenes are so tight knit that if one person starts bad mouthing you it could be all over.
  3. Be strongly advised ladies and gentlemen. The fat has hit the fire and the day of reckoning is upon all of us. It was once an impossibility of great magnitude that bittered my temperament. No matter for the principal any longer. I surrender my evils and I'm free. Truth and love are here. Be aware, the moment has finally arrived! :mad: :eek: :mad:
  4. mtic


    Jul 30, 2002
    I feel your pain. As someone who has a steady job, I'm on the other side of the screen now, but I certainly went through my share of bogus experiences like the one you describe.

    You might want to consider expressing your concerns to the players' committee there (if they have one) and possibly the local Union. Not that they will overturn the audition results, or grant you any kind of relief, but in the hope that they will do it better next time. Any complaint by a person who did not win the audition is bound to smack of 'sour grapes' - so you want to choose your words carefully - but an honest explanation of what you felt was poorly run is not unreasonable, in my opinion

    Auditions should be run fairly, and humanely, because that way they yield the best results. I think any musician in an orchestra would be concerned at how applicants (their future colleagues, after all) are treated. It's not supposed to be hazing.

    Good luck next time out!
  5. The Union has a hotline for unfair auditions.

    Look for it in the Union paper.

    FYI, the last Charleston Principal audition, three years ago or so, was also in some random church, and in ONE day, and also featured delays while waiting for the Music Director. They haven't improved.

    Good to see you haven't "quit".
  6. THE SAW


    Sep 14, 2006
    DAY OFF.
    We actually got some snow today so I spent some time going through all the posts-wow, I've learned a lot from you guys-thanks.
    This was one of those odd auditions where I was there knowing full well I didn't have a chance but what the hell right? Bass is my hobby and as you guys know I even took the NY phil audition recently.
    I found this Charleston audition to be even more painful because I had to plead with them just to let me play in the first place, just showing up like I did. Also (and this is REALLY co-incidental) a cell phone went off from the commitee-I have just posted on another thread about cellphones where MINE phone went off!
    Anyway, best of luck to all. The last time I checked, oil is almost back to $60. We are working our tails off here.

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