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  1. I want to sell this as a lot if possible...

    Here is what I have, all new parts:

    10 x .022 uF mfd 5% 200V 5% 715P ORANGE DROP Capacitors

    4 500k cts potentiometers solid posts

    1 Switchcraft 3 way toggle switch with creme switch tip

    1 3 way made in USA fender switch

    1 5 way made in USA fender switch

    70obo plus shipping for the works, I paid 15 for each of the switches, 25 for the pots and 15 for all of the caps..

  2. Make an offer...
  3. MarkA

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    Sep 26, 2008
    Are the pots audio taper, linear, or some of each?
  4. I will have to double check when i get home, I am not sure...
  5. 65 shipped
  6. 60 shipped...
  7. they say 450s on the back, pretty sure they are audio taper.... 55 shipped, I need these gone, LOWEST THESE WILL EVER GO
  8. ok, fine, 50 shipped :)
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    Nov 13, 2012
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