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Captain & Tennille over as an act and a married couple

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Richland123, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. Richland123


    Apr 17, 2009
  2. Exploiter8

    Exploiter8 Demons run when a good man goes to war

    Jan 18, 2010
    Commercial FREE!
    Sedaka is back...
  3. tangentmusic

    tangentmusic A figment of our exaggeration

    Aug 17, 2007
    "Love... Love will keep us together" - Right
  4. Hues


    Nov 27, 2012
    see Burn Notice
    They played a clip of Do That To Me One More Time today...the bass tone on that track is thicker and sweeter then molasses.
  5. Saw that earlier today. Speculation from some folks is that the divorce was filed strictly for financial reasons: the medical bills may bankrupt him, at least if they are divorced she may be protected.
  6. BawanaRik


    Mar 6, 2012
    New Jersey
    They were a talented duo and they did some great music.
  7. Stinsok

    Stinsok Supporting Member

    Dec 16, 2002
    Central Alabama
    Who gets Sheilds and Yarnell in the settlement?
  8. Richland123


    Apr 17, 2009
    How many of you knew that Toni Tennille sang back up vocals on a couple songs on Pink Floyd's The Wall album?
  9. avvie


    Oct 12, 2010
    Maui, HI
    I did.
  10. avvie


    Oct 12, 2010
    Maui, HI
    AWESOME! A Sheilds and Yarnell reference! I thought I was the only one who remembered that piece of weirdness.
  11. bassbob


    Oct 16, 2004
    How's the muskrat figure into this development? :meh:
  12. Richland123


    Apr 17, 2009
    Neither of them get custody of the Muskrat since he was originally recorded and written by by Willis Alan Ramsey as Muskrat Candlelight and then the band America covered it as Muskrat Love before the Captain and Toenail covered it.
  13. edpal

    edpal Banned

    Oct 3, 2007
    Wow, I had to Google that, I thought for sure you were pulling our collective muskrat whiskers. Very weird - I kind of like America's version best. Capt. & Tennile were always weird...I thought for sure they would be outed as being brother & sister or something. Sorry, just wasn't a fan.
  14. BawanaRik


    Mar 6, 2012
    New Jersey
    I think she was in the Beach Boys too.
  15. Richland123


    Apr 17, 2009
    Both Daryl (The Captain) and Toni played with The Beach Boys
  16. BawanaRik


    Mar 6, 2012
    New Jersey
    Even if their product may not have been to everyone's taste they were talented.
  17. Munjibunga

    Munjibunga Total Hyper-Elite Member Gold Supporting Member

    May 6, 2000
    San Diego (when not at Groom Lake)
    Independent Contractor to Bass San Diego
    ... guess it just wasn't going to work out.
  18. Jeff K

    Jeff K Supporting Member

    Jul 9, 2005
    Memphis, TN
    :D Yeah, but they could have at least given it a shot. People these days just give up on a marriage way too soon...
  19. BawanaRik


    Mar 6, 2012
    New Jersey
    It probably had to with medical bills. That's the rumor going around.
  20. drummer5359

    drummer5359 Gold Supporting Member

    Jan 10, 2011
    Pittsburgh PA USA
    A friend of mine from high school and I had a game where we would sing annoying songs to try to get them stuck in the other one's head. Two of our favorite earworm songs were "Muskrat love" and "Willie don't be a hero".

    She and I have been friends for forty years. This morning she saw the news about the divorce. This means that when I woke up and answered the phone this morning she was singing "Muskrat love". It still makes me laugh.

    It's a shame though if they have to divorce for financial reasons.