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  1. I have a memphis subwoofer amplifier that is one ohm stable for 1000 watts and i am running that into two infinity subs that are 4 ohm single coil units and i have it wired as follows:

    positive pole of the amp-->positive pole of sub 1-->negative of sub 1 to positive of sub 2-->negative of sub two to negative pole of the amp.

    What is the ohm load? and how could i set it up to run as close to 1 ohm as possible?? I understand i probably won't be able to get it to run at 1 ohm with those subs, but the closer the better.
  2. You've got the speakers in series, for an 8 ohm load. If you want the 2 ohm load of parallel, you nedd to go amp positive to both speakers postive and amp negative to both speakers negative.
  3. ok, i'll be doing alot better at 2 ohms. the amp says it peaks 600 watts at 2 ohm.

  4. If its peak performance is 600 watts into 2 ohms, it's probably just an 150 watt amp, tops.
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    Dec 22, 2002
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    Yep. But 150w in a car should be plenty.