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Carbon Fiber Bridge or stick with Maple?

Discussion in 'Ask Lynn Seaton' started by Kip n SIB, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. Kip n SIB

    Kip n SIB

    May 12, 2019
    Hello Does anyone have any thoughts on a CF upright bridge? There is pretty much no information online which has me saying this is not the option for me but it does sound interesting

    Here are the product details:

    Fiberlite Upright Bass Bridges:

    Sound Composites has developed lightweight (4.46 oz./125 gram) traditionally-styled bridges for upright bass. There are two widths of bridge to compliment different fingerboard and body characteristics.

    Benefits include:

    Greater acoustic volume

    Enhanced harmonic content

    Increased sustain

    These bridges increase the transfer of the string’s vibrational energy to the instrument’ acoustic chamber. The bridges transfer a more complete fundamental and harmonic overtone series while providing more focus than traditional wood bridges. They do not warp, fold or ever need to be replaced as with aging wood bridges.

    These classic-styled Fiberlite models incorporates a hollow core with visible carbon fiber under a glossy surface finish, or an alternate satin black finish. These attractive bridges provide a clear, warm, round and full tone throughout their frequency response, with bright, crisp higher frequencies and great sustain.

    Sound Composites bridges may be adjusted to accommodate height in three (or with the inclusion of wheel adjusters) in four ways:

    1) The bridge tops may be altered to reflect fingerboard arc and/or other player requirements by tooling up to 0.5″/12.5mm off of this top arc.

    2) The installer may trim the bottom of the bridge legs to reduce overall height on model variant that includes wheel adjusters.

    3) The wood feet may be tooled while matching the bridge to the instrument top.

    4) The wheel adjusters may be used as appropriate.

    Model SB-M:

    • 4.13″/105 mm across top arc
    • 4.0″/102mm on-center at bottom of feet
    • 7.1″/180.75mm total unfit height, prior to any material removal at top arc, bottom of legs and/or top and bottom of feet.
    Model SB-L:

    • 4.27″/108.5 mm across top arc
    • 4.5″/114mm on center at bottom of feet
    • 7.72″/196.5mm total unfit height, prior to any material removal at top arc, bottom of legs and/or top and bottom of feet.
    Please note: The wood feet provided on both models allow for a maximum removal of 0.5″/12.5mm from top of each foot, and 0.35″/9mm from bottom of each foot

    List Price: $175

    Our Retail Price: $150 direct

    Provided with traditional styled Maple feet

    Please add $16 Our Price for hardwood wheel adjusters (List Price: $19)
  2. Kip n SIB

    Kip n SIB

    May 12, 2019
    Never mind I used better search terms and came up with an older thread here:

    Graphite Double Bass bridge

    Which can be summarized as no appreciable benefit. Materials may be better now however but I will stick with good ol' Maple as it is less risky for the price.

    Thanks :)
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  3. Lynn Seaton

    Lynn Seaton Gold Supporting Member

    Nov 3, 2006
    Denton, TX
    Thanks for the post. I have never tried one. I appreciate the link you provided to provide some insight. Has anyone out there used one and have some thoughts?
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