Carbon fiber slides

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  1. do they exist? Because it seems like they should.
  2. embellisher

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    A playground I went to a few months back had one.
  3. hmmm........

    W@s it sterile?

    I meant guitar slides. I thought of it when messing w/ a wooden one. I wonder whether or not it would sound just like you were playing a bass w/ a carbon fiber neck.
  4. embellisher

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    Sorry for my attempt at humor.:D

    I honestly don't know if a carbon fiber slide would be hard enough to get a good tone. It would definitely sound more like a wooden slide than a metal or glass slide.
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    In my experience, something somewhat soft isn't bad for a bass slide, but high mass seems to be very helpful. I settled on one that resembles a pedal steel bar, made from soft brass. I have some carbon tubes about the right size kicking around here (windsurfing gear leftovers), so I'll give it a shot and post back. I think it's just make a big mess, most likely. :cool:
  6. i have a glass one. It's a dream. Now i can do a Mark Sandman tribute
  7. What about an e-bow for bass? It would require hella power, but it would be cool.

    The slide joke probably wasn't any worse than my 'sterile' joke.