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careers in bass

Discussion in 'Ask Rufus Philpot' started by fitchy_rocks, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. hey rufus
    i'm in school and am about to go to college here in england. I'm getting good grades in music (and not much else) , am in a band, and would like to know from a pro like yourself what the best careers to do with music, or more precisely bass. What jobs would you consider involving the bass? i am considering whether or not to be a builder/repairer as i recently "pimped" a friend's budget guitar with out mess and with great results. Thanks.
  2. rufusbass

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    Sep 10, 2005
    Los Angeles
    Hi there-
    So, first of all, good for you going to college to pursue bass.Excellent!
    As to what path to follow-for instance instrument building-you should see what you feelings are and how they direct you ove rthe next few years-
    For example-
    I never thought about Bass /Instrument Building in general, although now I am pretty interested in what makes up a good bass. I would say if at this relatively early stage in your bass career, the fact you already did some work on your friend's guitar makes me think you may have a natural aptitude for that.
    I see no reason why you couldn't be a great player and bass builder. In fact , a good friend of mine, Carey Nordstrand ( www.nordstrandguitars.com)
    also makes pretty killer instruments and pick ups-plays bass pretty well-a fact that I am CERTAIN makes him a better bass builder. His understanding of the mechanics of theinstrument go pretty deep-in fact he made a pick up for me that is pretty unbelievable..I'm sure you could drop Carey a line too for advice, although in England there are also guys like Pete Stephens who make Wal Basses (i had one-amazing) and Haydn Williams (williams Guitars-he is super talented and a very nice guy)
    Look these guys up online-ask questions-see if you can visit their workshops...Learn everything!
    Also, careers that involve your bass could include composition (for bands,film,t.v. etc...) teaching-something I have always enjoyed alongside playing-whether at M.I. London (for a couple of years) The Bass Collective N.Y.C. and Masterclass stuff out here in L.A......
    I was lucky, 'cause I studied hard myself, so I have some flexibility. I've toured with jazz stuff, rock groups, done stuff on Broadway in New York and London -which is where my sightreading came in handy....
    Try to cover any and everything you can at this point when you have the freedom to study hard.
    Good Luck -kep me posted on how you are progressing and say hi to Haydn!!! (I still have a 6 string fretless he made me when he worked for Overwater-beautiful!)

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