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Caring for Elderly Parents--they're actually doing well!

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by richnota, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. richnota

    richnota Gold Supporting Member

    Jan 11, 2005
    Santa Cruz
    I wrote a while back mentioning my elderly, sick parents didn't seem to be getting better. It was tough taking care of them.

    To my surprise they both are doing better and are actually showing optimism and engagement.

    I got my friend's athlete son to come by four days a week to help my dad do excercises...next thing I see is my dad out of bed and using a walker. My mom is using her walker (with a bit of help) to stroll the length of her street and visit her neighbors.

    I guess you cant give up the game until its over.
  2. Bongolation


    Nov 9, 2001
    No Bogus Endorsements
    Dealing with my late father's Alzheimer's disease permanently destroyed my entire life in every way it could have short of actually killing me.

    That you're doing OK and they are as well is a great thing.

    Doing the right thing is rarely easy. :meh:
  3. I got off "easy" with my parents. My father died because of a severe heart attack and my mother died two months after being diagnosed with cancer. Except for the short time she spent in the hospital, she was able to care for herself. I didn't have to tend to them, but I didn't get to spend time with either of them at the end of their lives. I've got mixed feelings about that.
  4. Man that's tough, sorry to hear that.
  5. In my case, neither me or my siblings have a good relationship with my mother. Since they aren't speaking to her it's left to me to deal with, which I loath. She has been advised by health care workers to move into a senior's residence but stubbornly refuses to and lives alone in her apartment. It's only a matter of time until her next health crisis, which could possibly be avoided if she'd listen to the advice given her.
  6. rosanne


    Sep 30, 2004
    SF Bay Area
    It's really tough taking care of elderly parents. I'm an only child and so had to take care of my Mom the last 6 weeks of her life.

    She had just been diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer and refused other treatment, and so went downhill fast. I even had to sleep in the same room with her so I could attend to her needs. (When the hospice volunteer came once a week I took that opportunity to visit my dad who was in a nursing home.)

    When my Mom died, my Dad died 12 days later, having lost the will to go on.

    That your parents are exercising and making athe most of things is wonderful. Exercise and interaction with other people besides family is crucial, I think. It broadens their horizons, encourages the will to live - it increases both mental and physical strength. IMHO

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