SOLD Carl Thompson *FULL CUSTOM* 4-string

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    I am selling my beautiful, one-of-a-kind, autographed full-custom 2014 Carl Thompson 4-string bass. This is hard to let go of but I'm selling it because times are tight and I have my eyes on another instrument, so I have to sell off a big item or two. It is in the exact condition that I received it in from the original owner, who barely ever took it out of its case. The pictures don't do it justice.
    Side note: [Carl practically NEVER does autographs but the original owner managed to get him to sign the rear of the headstock, making this quite a special specimen]

    This bass has the signature 36" scale that Carl's basses are known for, which gives this instrument wonderful sustain, yet it's still incredibly comfortable to play. It's constructed out of a variety of high-end woods, as follows:

    - Mahogany body core
    - Mahogany neck
    - Morado fingerboard
    - Flamed walnut front & back center boards
    - Display-grade Cocobolo front & back wings
    - Ebony body streamers
    - Ebony & Cocobolo pickup covers
    - Ebony truss cover
    - Ebony/Cocobolo nut
    - Paduk control panel
    - Cocobolo control knobs

    It's loaded with Kent Armstrong custom pickups and Carl's signature passive circuit w/pickup selector switch and a mute/lo-pass switch. This combo gives it a warm, deep and rich tone that sounds positively massive, yet smooth.

    The hardware consists of a Hipshot A-type bridge and Hipshot ultralight tuners.

    As far as playability goes, this bass is phenomenal. It has one of the most comfortable necks I've ever felt, which is what Carl is known for. His neck profiles are unique and unmatched in craftsmanship, hence why people rave about them so much. It is *perfectly* balanced, both on the strap and on the knee. The Morado fingerboard (a whopping 1/2 inch thick!) and jumbo frets are flawlessly leveled and super smooth to play on. The action can be set as low as you want, perfectly. To top it off, this instrument is only around 7.8 lbs so it's super comfortable to play for hours at a time.

    I don't need to mention how rare these basses are. I just want to make my money back on it, so I'm asking $7,800 shipped CONUS (OBO).

    Includes hard-shell leather case!

    Feel free to ask me any questions! 20210331_184901.jpg

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    I wish
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    You take kids for payment? I’ll trade you 2
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    Sadly, I'm full up on kids :sleep:
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    I'll be damned. This moved faster than expected. She's gone guys, sorry.
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    Oh man! I would have been all over this one!
    Congrats buddy!
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    Wish I woulda seen this
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    +1 congrats to the new buyer - wish I saw this listing
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