Carpal Tunnel surgery recovery

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  1. Hey all. I am in my second week of post surgery for CT release in my left hand. I have looked at past posts about this and couldn't find anyone saying how they were doing playing wise after healing. I was looking for a realistic timeline of (hopefully) getting back to normal. I understand the timeline will be different for everyone. Any info will be appreciated! Thanks!
  2. I found the other post in this forum. It answered some of my questions. Thanks
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    hey i have carpel tunnel,..
    how was the surgury?
    , im looking at alternatives
    especailly how i hold my r hand,..

    its dangerous because you may make all the same mistakes that caused the problem
  4. The surgery went fine. I was awake the whole time. Had to be in a splint for two weeks and then got stitches removed. This has been about a month or so ago. I'm back to playing and am probably around 80% or so. Getting strength back everyday. Hand feels a lot better and just a little sore here and there if I over use it. This was my left hand and my fretting hand. I'm back to playing at my church around an hour at a time on my 6 string bass with minimal issue. As for hand positioning, I can't think of anything I could have done different to not have carpal tunnel issues. I think it's just the nature of the beast. I also have worked as a highway maintenance worker for 20 plus years running jack hammers and such. Probably contributed to my CT as much as playing.
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    Good to hear your surgery went fine. I just had CT Release surgery on my left hand as well, on 9/1. No splint, surgery was in/out with no issues, and I get my stitches out on 9/15. The CTS symptoms are largely gone already, and there's just the residual soreness from surgery. I'll start playing after I get my stitches out.
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    My left hand was done in 2013; I had just bought a car, and the next day I was out cleaning it (granted - trying to be careful with my wrist). I think I started playing a little a week later? I don't remember. After I healed and the pain went away (2-3 weeks) I was 100%.

    Got my right hand done about two years later. Surgery on a Thursday I think, and I played in my church that Sunday (with a bandage on my hand!) Doc said avoid anything that causes pain, so I did. That side took a little longer to heal but I've been 100% since then. I play 3x a week and sit at a keyboard all day, even riding a motorcycle (which used to make my hands go numb) is not a problem. Both of my surgeries were arthroscopic. YMMV, hope that helps.

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