Carpet covering, how to clean?

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  1. Tim Cole

    Tim Cole

    Jun 12, 2002
    Findlay, Ohio
    Hi, I just got a new used cab, and to my disappointment, it looks quite filthy. I like to keep my stuff looking sharp, how do I co about cleaning the covering? Not really any fuzzies, just a very flat dirty look to it. It also has some scrapes on the sides from sliding it across things apparently, any ideas to fix that within reason?
  2. NV43345


    Apr 1, 2003
    I clean mine with one of those tape Lint Roller's
    that gets off all the hair & stuff that gets stuck in the carpet, and sometimes when my girlfreind is not home, I take her can of air
    she uses for cleaning her PC, and blast it off
    with that, that cleans it out real nice behind the speaker grill. And when she discovers that her can is almost empty, I just tell her to refill it with all the air in her head.or maybe we could rig a hose up to ear. LOL:)
  3. Go get some Oxy-Clean (or equivelent) and test it a on a small area of the carpeting (to make sure it doesn't lighten it). If it doesn't, mix a solution (per "upholstery" instructions on the bucket) and, using a typical spray bottle, spray it (lightly) on the flat areas of carpet you want to clean. DO NOT GET YOUR SPEAKERS WET!!! Let it set for a few minutes and then vacuum it away with a wet/dry Shop-Vac. A typical carpet cleaning machine with an upholstery attatchment would work but uses considerably more water. My preference is with the bottle/vacuum as you can do multiple cleanings and never get it very wet. Hope this helps.
  4. I used the tape roller tip mentioned above to get the dog hair and stuff off first.

    Then I picked up a can of areosol carpet cleaner, lightly sprayed it in sections and sponged it down. That really helped and got rid of the stale beer and smoke odors too.

    You might try a black "Sharpie" pen to fill in tears if the wood is showing through.

    Top it off with a set of new corners.
  5. Im a sock

    Im a sock

    Dec 23, 2002
    Central MA
    If you happen to have one of those car-sized rug vacuum attachments it might be worth giving a try... it's good at getting the non-engrained stuff out.
  6. EAS is on to something, if you don't mind the smell left after the use of such a product (no offense). My method is what I've used for many years to clean the cloth and carpet interiors of fine automobiles. It does not leave an odor or noticable residue. If you do choose to use such a product as stated above you can find a large number of them in any auto-parts store. The "spray and vacuum" type work a little better and often don't leave as much residue or odor.
  7. I just happened to have a can of carpet cleaner around when I was rummaging in the garage looking for ways to clean the cab up.

    The stuff I used was for homes, a foam and not too odorous. I've used an automotive dry cleaning type spray once (on a car). That did smell very harsh and objectionable and left a powder to vacuum out. This foam stuff worked well. Sponged it in and towel dried.

    Gus' Oxy-Clean solution sounds like a great solution. I'm going to try it in my car!
  8. Clean

    Vac off entire cab.

    Walmart foaming carpet cleaner in a can ($1)
    Rub in well with finger tips.
    Vac again throughly.

    Spot Repair

    shave carpet 'pills' with a disposible razor.

    save the shavings.

    'card' the shavings.
    (pull pills apart & fluff)

    use carded shavings to fill in bald spots
    using white glue.
  9. I'm going to try this on head (I don't mean my amp)
  10. Ziggy


    May 9, 2001
    Orange County, CA
    The best stuff I've found for this is "Resolve" carpet cleaner... usually available at the local grocery store, home improvement, or hardware supplies.

    It doesn't involve any spray misting, mixing, dilution, or algebraic equations to determine pints per gallon divided by square footage of material... it's a 'granulated powder' and is best used out-of-doors in a basement with durable vinyl / linoleum floorings.

    Sprinkle it on, brush it in (brush is supplied w/product), wait 30 minutes and vacuum out.

    I was literally shocked on how well it worked, and just one container will handle about 100 sq./ft. of material.

    michael s.