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Carved top bass for sale in New England

Discussion in 'DB Classifieds Archive' started by musicofanatic, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. musicofanatic


    Jun 21, 2005
    Upright Bass, carved solid spruce top, laminated back and sides. Ebony fingerboard and tailpiece. Make unknown, no identifying marks visible. Looks to be a european factory bass. Appears slightly smaller than normal ¾ size. Dimensions are as follows: Body 42 ½“ long, width at lower bout 25 ½“, upper bout 19 5/16“, 8 ¼“ deep. String length is 41”, bridge height is 6 15/16”. Sound structural condition. The neck joint shows signs of having unauthorized work performed in the past. The neck has been properly reset, and all previous “hillbilly repairs” corrected. There is one repaired crack in the top originating at the edge, four inches from bottom center, and runs with the grain, about 8 ½” long, and has not worsened in the time of my ownership (I measured it when I got the bass). I have stuffed this bass in and out of cars and vans hundreds of times a year for at least five years, and that, along with occasional periods of outdoor life at blue grass festivals has not diminished the integrity of this instrument. It features the usual assortment of wear and edge nicks, but no chips out of the ply back. There is a gouge in the top (four inches long by 1/16th” wide and deep) under the end of the fingerboard, where it appears the neck or fingerboard came loose and collapsed onto the top. The instrument is a reddish/brown color, with a nicely flamed back. This bass projects well acoustically, and amplifies well, too. It produces the growly low notes and high-end clarity characteristic of a solid top instrument. My work on it is almost all pizz, so I cannot authoritatively remark on it’s arco capabilities. I will say that it’s easier for an untrained schmuck like myself to get a good note with a bow on this bass, than with any of my laminated basses. The most recent recordings of this bass are on Kim Wilson’s “Looking For Trouble”, and Greg “Fingers” Taylor’s “Hi-Fi Baby”. Additionally, it has been heard onstage with Wilson, Duke Robillard, Jerry Portnoy among others. This will be sold “al a carte”: no case or cover, no bow, no pickup; just the bass, strung with a year-old set of Obligato’s. I am located in the New England/Boston area, and I will not ship the bass. Photos are available for seriously interested parties. I am asking $2,500.00, but I will admit to being a motivated seller (I’m trying to purchase another bass). If I can turn this bass around quick, I will entertain reasonable offers. Feel free to call me at 207-384-2383.

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