SOLD Carvin 115MBE stack

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  1. Mushroo

    Mushroo Guest

    Apr 2, 2007
    Here we have not one, but TWO matching Carvin 115MBE cabinets, in great condition!!

    - 15" woofer
    - 8 ohms
    - 400W
    - 1/4" speaker input
    - Frequency Response: 60 - 5Khz
    - Covered in black vinyl
    - Dimensions: 17" wide X 12" deep X 19" high
    - Weight: 30 lbs
    - Made in San Diego, California


    These are discontinued and very hard to find (due to Carvin going out of business). They were originally intended as extension cabinets for Carvin's 15" combo, but I find they work great as stand-alone cabs. They are sealed, tweeterless cabinets, so they won't do super-low or super-high frequencies, but they excel at putting out tight, punchy low-mids. I use them with my Ampeg PF20T for a "poor man's B-15" sound, or with my Quilter BB800 for some serious power. (PF20T is shown for illustration only and is not included in this sale, although you might be able to twist my arm into a package deal. Note that you will need a parallel 'Y' cable or junction box to use both cabs with a PF20T or PF50T; I use a Palmer Cab Merger.)


    Did I mention these cabs are tiny? At only 17" x 12" x 19" these are smaller than most 12" cabs. That's right, a 400 watt 15" cabinet that's smaller than a Barefaced Super Compact! WOW!!! And with the side handles and rubber feet, they are an easy carry, one in each hand.

    Both cabs are in great condition. I purchased one new and one used, and to be honest, can't remember which is which. I have never gigged with them, and they've seldom left my house. In the interest of full allergen disclosure, these cabs have had some mild exposure to cat hair and 420 smoke.

    To recap we have a made in the USA 2x15" stack that handles 800 watts and weighs only 60lbs!

    I am asking just $400 for the pair, local only, no shipping! I am in the UMass Amherst area, convenient to routes 90, 91, and 2.

    Trade interests (plus/minus cash as necessary):
    Quilter Tone Block 201 head
    Rare Broughton pedals (SVT-Pre would be nice!)
    Top-tier compressors such as Cali76
    Tube DI such as REDDI

  2. EthanNH


    Jul 6, 2018
    Still available? Willing to sell individually?
  3. Mushroo

    Mushroo Guest

    Apr 2, 2007
    Thank you for your interest. The Carvin cabs are no longer available, sorry.