Carvin AC40 Fretless for sale $400 plus shipping.

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  1. I'm selling my AC40 fretless. I am the second owner of it, and it's probably had two hours of play from me-- tops! It's got a cosmetic flaw on the top, but you can only see it up close. The jack is also making some weird noises, but I'm sure it's an easy fix for someone who know's what s/he is doing. It may just be my cable. Anyway... those are the only known flaws to me. There are string marks on the fingerboard it looks like, but I don't know how normal that is. It's got a Carvin tweed case that comes with it. It's got active electronics. It was custom-ordered. It has gold hardware and a smooooooooooooooooooooooth satin finish on the neck. For LOTS of pics, check out this link My New Bass. Anyway, I don't know much about shipping, so it'd be better if you could come pick it up. But shipping is not out of the question. There are many music stores here who I'm sure will help me out. I'm just getting rid of the bass because it so rarely gets played. I mean twice a month for 10 minutes at a time... maybe. Anyway... I hope there's interest. Peace. Once again, the price is $400 plus shipping, and that's pretty firm. I don't really want trades either, unless it's a great deal for me.

  2. sonicthunder


    Mar 11, 2003
    Franklin, IN
    Hi, what would you charge to ship the bass to 46131 Franklin, IN? Let me know if no one locally is interested, You can make your own box, if you can't talk your favorite guitar store out of one. I always wrap the headstock, and the body in small bubble wrap, then put bass in hard case. This prevents the instrument from boouncing around in the case. I then either use a guitar box, or I get a couple of large boxes, and splice them together to make it long enough. And the post office, will ship most any box that is close to the same size as a guitar case. Then put the piece of bubble wrap around the bottom of the case, slide the case+guitar into box, fill voids with packing peanuts or crumpled news paper. tape with postal packing tape till your heart's content, and address.
  3. Man... I literally have no idea. I have never shipped anything like this before. I don't want to give you a quote because I don't want it to be too high and scare you away. I guess I could try to weigh it and then find a qoute online. But I could also drive to Bowling Green, KY and meet you there. It's not half-way for me, but it's a good place for me to stop. I have some friends and family there. Let me know if that doesn't sit with you and I'll try to find some quotes.

    *** EDIT*** I just went to and entered in these dimensions 48.5 in long, 15.5 in wide, 4 in tall and it gave me a few quotes. $14.14 for UPS ground, $21.50 for UPS select, $26.07 for 2nd-day air. That's with $400 insurance. So you check those numbers. I'm assuming the dimensions are all relative. Or should I enter 48.5 for the
    height of the bass so they won't stack things on top of it?
    My zip code is 37128 if you want to check. Let me know.
  4. Well... I assume sonicthunder is no longer interested. So if anyone else cares to make an offer, just go right ahead. I may even consider getting rid of my Mooger-Fooger LPF for about $215 plus shipping. :)
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