Carvin/Ashdown Distortion

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    Nov 25, 2004
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    Last night, I saw an A Perfect Circle/Tool tribute band called A Perfect Tool. Great show for $10. Anyways, the bass player was using 5 string Fender Jazz Basses, with the E tuned to D, into a bunch of Boss Pedals, and into a Carvin RL1018. I was right down front, so I could see that none of the pedals were on all the time, he just used them selectively. He had a great distortion going on, he nailed the early Tool sound in my opinion. I know the Series II Carvin RL1000s had a tube in the preamp, and the Series III have a tube emulator circuit, I'm not sure which one he had. So the basic point of this thread, was the distiortion the result of just the preamp? I could see the whole rig, he didn't have anything else there. Also, is that how Paul D'Amour got his distortion, by cranking the 'valve grind' on his Ashdown? To get an idea of what I'm talking about, go to their myspace page and listen to Intolerance, you can hear it well at around 1:50. Thanks.
  2. Series II has a phones jack in the front right next to the main volume on the right hand side. Series III does not.

    The distortion was definitely NOT due to anything on the Carvin. As far as the Ashdown, I don't have any experience with those so I can't help you.