SOLD Carvin B1000 bass amp head amplifier

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    Never left the house Carvin B1000 Bass Amp Head. Practically brand new. Asking $449 shipped.

    The B1000 mono block bass head is the new mini 900w "King" that was developed from the mighty B2000, known as the King of bass amps. Housed in a sleek package that’s under 7 lbs, you have unsurpassed tone capacity utilizing a minimum number of knobs, a CLASS A preamp, 6 active EQ circuits and 12AX7 tube. Beneath the sharply dressed exterior and rugged construction, premium features include blue LED lighting and the exclusive "lock-in" AC cord making the B1000 a powerful addition to your rig that’s easy to carry around.


    New Classic Look

    The all black, recessed front control panel is set off by classic chrome knobs that gives a solid feeling that only brass can offer, which has been added since the printing of the 2014 catalog. The blue front panel LEDs not only help with visibility but make the amp stand out in dark environments. A rackmount kit is available for installation in a standard 2RU rack.

    High Headroom Tube Driven Power Amp

    The high output B1000 produces 325w RMS at 8 ohms, 600w at 4 ohms or 900w at 2 ohms. The B1000 uses three different transparent limiters to maintain its high headroom to assure ultra clean power for concert venues. For added warmth, take advantage of the internal 12AX7 TUBE that utilizes two stages that precede the power amp section.

    Drive Control

    The DRIVE control adjusts the input level to the CLASS A preamps and compensates for the input sensitivity of various bass pickups. The DRIVE will add harmonic content to your sound when approaching 10 on the dial, which pushes the CLASS A preamps into a sweet overdrive.

    Dedicated Tone Circuits

    Tone begins with a boutique flat response. However, 6 active tone circuits are available to carve out your signature sound, starting with the SUB BASS. Its simple, yet powerful controls make it easy to dial in your idealized tone without fussing with lots of knobs.


    B1000-410 Half Stack

    Direct Output

    The direct out features a DI LEVEL control and PRE/POST switch on the front panel controlling the XLR balanced output on the rear. The PRE setting is buffered directly from the input jack to the XLR adding no color or tone to your instrument. The POST setting includes the EQ and EFFECTS LOOP, bypassing the MASTER LEVEL. This enables level changes without affecting the XLR output. The XLR is muted by the MUTE switch. The GROUND LIFT switch next to XLR helps isolate hum to the recording or PA console.


    - MASTER level controls the overall level
    - ACTIVE/PASSIVE switch tailors the input for different bass outputs
    - MUTE switch can be engaged for quick bass changes, which can be controlled by the optional FS22 footswitch
    - TUNER output jack will drive HEADPHONES and is independent of the MUTE switch
    - EFFECTS LOOP is designed to work with footpedals or rack processors, and is switchable from the front panel or from the optional FS22 footswitch
    - Your choice of SPEAKER OUTPUTS include a high current twist-lock or standard 1/4" connectors
    - 94% efficient CLASS D output delivers high current for continuous 2 ohm operation and is cool running, plus uses less AC power from the wall
    - Switch mode power supply operates at 210,000 Hz, delivering maximum efficiency while reducing heat and weight
    - Variable speed fan runs silently while at low speeds
    - Construction features solid metal shaft controls with threaded metal bushings
    - Circuit boards are MIL SPEC, double sided, FR-4 glass epoxy
    - Auto-switching AC input functions for either 120V 60 Hz or 240V 50 Hz
    - Exclusive AC cord features a "lock-in" function to prevent accidental cord disconnect
    - Designed and built by Carvin in the USA

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    I've got one of these. Great amp! GLWTS!
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    Thanks. It really is a great amp. It’s a hard one to let go.
  4. Hmmmm I had a Carvin B1500 a few years ago. Because of a Divorce I had to sell it. Still craving a Carvin head....thinking
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