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Carvin B1500 vs Ampeg vs Eden...

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by burtonisalive, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Ok, I've been reading a lot of you that are talking about the Carvin B1500 head. The specs on the Carvin are very impressive. I don't know much about them or Eden heads. I am familiar with Ampeg and its tone. I have heard great things about Eden heads. But would like someone to tell me something I cannot read online about this Carvin head adn Eden.

    My main influences are Pink Floyd, Rage/Audioslave, Metallica, Green Day, rock that rocks.

    I currently play through an Ampeg BA115 with the Geddy Lee sig bass, Epiphone Flying V, and an Ibanez SR-500. I use distortion, delay, wah and flanging effects. I like a nice warm tone, plenty of bottom, mids that cut through and highs that sit right where they should, complimenting the 6-stringer.

    Advice, comments?
  2. Nico3535


    Mar 8, 2006
    Well i've played all three companies and my outlook is like so. The Eden is definitely the tone master of the three. With a extensive eq's and a tube pre it has a fabulous tone. I played wt550 i think that’s the model. I've played an old svt tube amp and it had that perfect chunk and growl needed for some good ol rock. I've also played a new svt4 pro and that sounded just as good, not as warm though. The Carvin is something different though. Its a loud monster that delivers a very clean sound. Because of its power it gives you all the headroom you need in order to achieve various tones. When i cranked up the sub bass i was able to pull some really warm fluid tones, tone i never found on the redline series. my question to you is how much power do you need, and how much money do you have??? When these are answered i can give you my opinion on which head is for you. The head for me right now is the Carvin b1500 and threw a avatar kapa pro at 4ohms i can get 1250 of very usable tone out of a heavy yet not enormous rig for the price of a Eden with half the power and a cab of the same stature. I play a lot of fusion a la headhunters and if I could afford it I would go with a Eden wt1200, but since I can’t I’ll go with the Carvin.

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