SOLD Carvin B2000, Korg DTR-2, Furman RP-8L, SKB Roller Rack Case

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    For Sale, Carvin B2000 bass head with FS-22 Footswitch, Korg Dtr-2 Rackmount tuner, Furman RP-8L Power conditioner, All Mounted in a SKB 4 space Roller Rack case. 475.00$ Plus Shipping!! This is my Backup bass setup. But im really not playing out often enough to warrant keeping it so im offering someone a Really Great Deal for this here on TB. Shipping is not included in the price so that will be your responsibility local P/U is of course free Thanks for Looking! SAM_1167.JPG SAM_1170.JPG SAM_1171.JPG SAM_1179.JPG SAM_1177.JPG SAM_1176.JPG

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    Oct 28, 2013
    Hi, is there anything wrong with the head, at all?