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    Selling some excess gear, including this stunning, unlined 2003 fretless 5-string bass by Carvin USA. The Harlequin Prismatique finish was discontinued over 10 years ago, and is hard to find. Love it or hate it, it is dazzling, and difficult to photograph. It changes colors with the lighting.

    This one is like new, and museum quality, with no dings or scratches on the body, and very light/minimal fretboard wear. Everything works. OHSC is also in very good condition.
    Please PM with questions. Price includes insured CONUS shipping

    Make/Model Carvin B5F
    Year of manufacture: 2003, USA
    Finish: Harlequin Prismatique w/
    Matching Headstock
    Serial # 65072
    Weight: 8.2 lbs.
    String width at nut: 1.5"
    String width at bridge 2.75"
    Scale length: 34.0"
    Neck: Maple
    Fingerboard: Ebony
    Electronics: 1 single coil pickup and 1 Humbucker, with volume, blend, and 3-band EQ knobs + mini toggle switch. Volume knob is push/pull for passive/active.
    20190603_121312.jpg 20190603_121336.jpg 20190603_122936.jpg 20190603_121633.jpg 20190603_121654.jpg 20190603_121805.jpg 20190603_121836.jpg 20190603_123036.jpg 20190603_121719.jpg 20190603_122843.jpg 20190603_121455.jpg 20190603_121156.jpg

    More images of HP finishes, from the Carvin museum, below :
    Screenshot_20190603-134508_Samsung Internet.jpg Screenshot_20190603-134649_Samsung Internet.jpg
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