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  1. Hey there all, I 'm looking to get a new four sting for a back up to my Warwick Corvette. I think I've decied on a carvin. ( I want a Thumb bolt on 4, but if I get it I'll end up playing it more than my corvette).
    I love the punch that my corvette has(I also love the thumb's sound), but I'm torn.
    do I go with the carvin bolt on, or go with the neck thru?
    Any opinions on what I've thought about getting would help. Also if you own a carvin or have played on and have an opinion let me know that too.

    Here's what I'm planing on getting at the moment.
    Lb70 active/passive neckthru
    Mahagony body- either mahagony or maple neck ( maple would be to make up for some of the punch lost in getting the neckthru)
    Figured walnut top, a little more bite(i also love the way it looks)
    And I'm torn between the hb pickup at the bridge, so I'll probably end up going with the tow single coils.
    i belive I could get almost the the same set up in the bolt on model, I'd probably get rid of either the walnut or maple neck..
    thanks for any help
  2. I have an LB70F which is the fretless model. Everyone that's picked it up really likes it.

    I'd recommend doing the HB50 upgrade. Mine's a walnut body, 5 piece walnut and maple neck, neck through, HB50 upgrade, rounded body, black hardware.

    All the options are 50% off right now, so it's not too brutal to add just about anything. I'll try to get a picture posted after I get home tonight.

    Just as an FYI, if you like really low action, you're going to have to do some bridge adjustments. Carvin reps tell me they set the action pretty low, but it wasn't low enough for me.

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    Dec 13, 1999
    Greenville, Tx
    I have a Carvin LB75 and love it. You can't get a better bass for anywhere near the price of a Carvin.
    I would reccomend that you get the H50N pickups. I have heard a lot of complaints about the HB. The H50N's sound great.

    Careful though, you may end up sitting that Warwick down and playing the Carvin all the time!

    To hear my bass go to:

    Listen to the tune "Noodle's Groove".
  4. If you want another with punch, go witht the bolt-on, IMO. The neck through is better suited for those of us who want sustain and fundamental.

    A swamp ash body will get you much more punch than "warm" mahogany.

    Forget the MM-style pickup at the bridge. It's the only part of my LB75 where I feel I was cheated by Carvin.

    The ebony fingerboard doesn't give away a lot of punch to a maple board and it's a lot more versatile.

    I second what Lisa says about the action. It took me about 5 minutes after I took it out of the box to decide;

    - the action isn't low enough for me
    - the factory strings were going in the trash, (not even good enough to use as spares). However, that was back around last Christmas. They may be coming with better strings now, as Carvin was talking about a change this spring.
    - the neck is buttah!
  5. KB


    Jan 13, 2000
    Chapel Hill, NC
    I have a LB70 with the J99 in the neck and it originally had the HB4 (musicman style) in the bridge. The J99 is a great pickup - punchy single coil sound and no real hum that I can hear, and the HB4 was OK (it just wasn't great). I changed out the HB4 with a Basslines ceramic musicman and changed the tap switch from the stock parallel/split to a 3 way series/split/parallel. The sound improvement is tremendous. I kept the original Carvin electroncs. Now my tonal options are huge. Don't sell yourself short by not getting the HB in the bridge, because you can very easily change it out. As for the feel of the carvin you can't beat it. It is by far one of the most comfortable basses I have ever played and now mine has improved sound to match the confort.
    My LB70 (2 years old) has the following options:
    stock alder body (I like the sound of alder)
    Std 3 tone sunburst finish
    Black Hardware
    Tung oiled neck (****HIGHLY RECOMMENDED***)
    Strap Locks
    J99 neck pup and HB4 bridge pup
    rounded body sides
    matching headstock

    Let me know if you have any more questions.

  6. I think I know what I'm going to get:
    Mahagony body/maple neck( i love warmth and brightness what can I say)tung oil finish
    Figured walnut top( one piece will cover whole top including neck)
    Traditional walnut headstock ( two a side)
    no fret inlays
    Roundbody sides
    hb50 pickups
    What do you think?

    Btw i play heavier (similar to tool) with some jazz and funk thrown in.
    I like to say We are what would happen if tool met parliment
    That one always makes 'em think
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    Feb 8, 2001
    I know it's a Carvin thread, but based on what you like to play, I wondered if you ever tried a Czech Spector. They have active EMG's and come as close to Justin's sound as possible without actually playing a Wal, Wals are too expensive! :eek:

    They also are great for any rock scenario, and funk with the best of them. Outside of slappin', I don't see the Spector being a preferred bass for Jazz. Still, they nail that Tool sound real well and have a really cool sound for slap.

    Not to discourage you from the Carvin, just wanted to add my thoughts regarding what you like to play. I own both a Carvin LB75 and a Spector NS4CR.
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    Dec 13, 1999
    Greenville, Tx
    If it is a Tool sound you are going for I would have to retract my recommendation of the Carvin H50N pickups. They are versatile and sound really good but I think you would have a hard time getting that super-low, no-mids sound with any "Jazz" style pickup.
  9. jeffthebass


    Sep 17, 2001
    If you are getting the J-pup configuration with the idea of upgrading pups, the carvin routs on my lb-70 both were sized for the larger Jazz pups. I had to grind on an EMG set neck pup to make it fit. (better than grinding the koa)
  10. Good catch...I actually ment the H50N. The original catalog I had from Carvin listed HB as an option. I think it stuck in my tired head! :eek:

  12. Brendan


    Jun 18, 2000
    Portland, OR
    To bad I think Carvins are just about the ugliest basses...

    I dunno...all this positive, if only I was shopping for a bass....
  13. I use to think that the bb model were ugly, untill i saw on that they have onlie right now..
    figured walnut top and headstock... damn pretty if i say so myself
  14. cassanova


    Sep 4, 2000
    whys that?
  15. Ever heard a spaniel with kennel cough?
  16. KB


    Jan 13, 2000
    Chapel Hill, NC
    But the MM style HB pup is easily replaced with a Basslines (or maybe even Bart?)

  17. That has to be the most trenchant tonal evaluation I've ever heard! :D (Even though I still manage to tolerate my HB ...)
  18. Richard - Coming from well-traveled person such as you makes that even more of a compliment!!!
  19. Now I'm back. Have one thing to add - the Carvin STATED policy that the owner pays for shipping on repairs is a turn off to many people.

    My experience - After taking my 9 month-old LB75 to three local techs and a luthier, my G sting still sounded raspy and had no sustain almost all of the time. At my wit's end, I used my 5 year warranty and told Carvin I wanted to have them look at it. My email responses from them were exemplary for any service dept.
    Last week, Carvin had UPS pick up the bass at their expense and gave the name and phone number to me of the tech who is assigned to fix it, so I can check on it.

    Moral of the story - Based on my experience and that of many people I've seen posts from around the web, Carvin will fix your gear at no cost to you if it is apparent that the problem isn't due to misuse or abuse.
  20. cassanova


    Sep 4, 2000
    actually i have. but whats that got to due with the hb in the carvins.. :D