For Sale Carvin BR410-4C Cabinet (4x10, 800W, 4 Ohm)

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    Carvin BR410-4C 800w Bass Amp Speaker Cab Cabinet 4 Ohm . Includes a set of 4 caster wheels already attached to the unit, as well.

    Amazing condition and works perfectly. Purchased in 2011 and used for ~2 years of sporadic gigging. Has been sitting dormant ever since for the occasional practicing, but my current condo can't accommodate a cab of this size/volume (due to noise complaints).

    Willing to sell on its own or with my Peavey Tour 700 amp head, being listed separately (can provide a deal if purchasing together).

    Message me for any questions. Can do local pickup (I live in the Philly area) or ship out (buyer pays shipping).
    bass1.jpg bass2.jpg
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