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Carvin BRX10.2 Neo combined with (or is it "vs"?) Baer ML112.

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Flux Jetson, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Ok, this is an early review and comparison of the Carvin BRX10.2 Neo and the Baer ML112. I use them together and separately as two components of my "Experimental Modular Bass Rig".

    BAER: The Baer is a 12" neo and a 6" neo in a front ported cab. Rated at 8 ohms/400watts.


    CARVIN: The Carvin is a 2x10" neo and a 2" titanium tweeter in a front ported cab rated at 4 ohms/600 watts.


    AMP: Amplifier used is a Mackie 1400i with rated outputs of 4 ohms/425 watts continous (500 peak) and 8 ohms/250 watts continuous (300 peak) when used in "stereo mode".

    BASS: Bass used is a 2000 Cort A4 with Elixir "mediums" (105-45). No preamp of any kind was used, the bass was plugged directly into the Mackie's inputs via a patchbay so I could easily switch between channels by removing the bass's cord plugged into the jack patched to Channel 1 and insert it into Channel 2 without using any kind of A/B box or switcher.

    Signal chain: Bass output jack - Patchbay - Mackie input jacks - Mackie output jacks - Speaker cab input jacks.

    In all tests I switched the cords from channel to channel, and I switched the cabs from channel to channel. So both cabs were listened too through both amp channels and were connected using both sets of cords. So there is no way that one cord or one channel contaminated what I was hearing. I did that switching-around stuff for my own benefit so that I knew for sure that it wasn't some cord or something about one of the amp's channels that made things sound different.

    LOUDNESS: Ok, this was pretty striking. The Carvin was WAY louder. To get the two cabs to be roughly the same volume (to my ears) I had to reduce the channel volume on the Mackie by a solid 33%. The Baer would be at max output (1 volt) and the Carvin would be at 2 volts (roughly 33% less on the channel "volume" knob of the Mackie).

    TONE: The Carvin has LOADS more low end than the Baer. Even when I get the two of them at roughly the same SPL (to my ears). The low end is tight, and note clarity between the fifth fret and open is great. The Baer has better upper mids, and has a "brighter" upper midrange sound to it. I've seen it written that the Baer is tuned to be just under the cymbals, and I would find that to be a fair assessment.

    MIXING THE TWO: I got lucky .... boy did I ever ... this is a friggin GRAND SLAM HOME RUN HIT! The upper mids of the Baer fill in where the Carvin leaves off. The Carvin has the highs you'd expect from a 2x10 with a tweeter. The Baer fills in that "scoop" in there very very nicely. The two together make a great team with my bass.

    WITH FX: I used both my Modular Synth filter array (that I've annoyed the hell out of everyone with by posting it all over TB) and a Line 6 M13 tweaked with a few of the filter models. Again, the pair of cabs just friggin works. I can pan between them and use the Carvin for HUGE bottom (really ... for a 2x10 this thing has great low end). The Baer becomes "the voice" of the sound, and the Carvin is "Thuh Bawls". The Carvin by itself can produce a great 70's tone if I reduce the tweeter's setting to around 1 or 2 (it goes to 5).

    Overall I ended up with a great rig. I can't impress enough how loud that BRX10.2 Neo is. And the low end of that ported cab is impressive to say the least. Now I know why so many people that own these BRX10.2s speaks so highly of them, they're great cabs. The low price is just a bonus. (I got mine as a "blem" and it was $321 plus shipping - all in all it was $360 shipped). And the Baer ML112 has such a great "VOX" that it pairs up very well with the Carvin's enormous nuts.

    These are my initial impressions. I'll be gigging with this rig in about four to six months. Lots to get done between now and then so it's going to be a while.

    I'll add to this review after the "new" has worn off both cabs. They're both very new so I have much to work through. I have a new bass coming into the fray as well (Squier Vintage Modified Jazz in natural). Their will be a P bass coming in as well.

    Thanks for reading. I'll do my best to answer any questions should they pop up. :)

  2. Pardon the extended post length, I was excited. This entire modular system is working out very well at every step so far, and it's difficult for me to retrain my enthusiasm.


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