SOLD Carvin BX1200 Head in tolex rack with Custom Amp Covers cover

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    I'm selling my Carving BX1200 head. I ran this in bridged mode into a fEARful 15/6/1 with great results for several local IL gigs over the last 7 or so years. I really liked the bridged power option, but I also ran it in bi-amp, crossover mode. I sent the highs to a 10" plus tweeter cab and the lows to a 15"...that was a great detailed sound. It's in very good shape, and comes in the 2U tolex rack pictured, and also with a Custom Amp Covers lightly padded vinyl cover.

    I'm looking to sell outright for $275 $250 shipped, or trade+cash from me into a Genz Benz 6.0, 6.2, or something like those - a small class D amp. Let me know what you've got.


    Output Power
    8ohms, THD <1.0% 2x 275w
    4ohms, THD <1.0% 2x 400w
    2ohms, THD <1.0% 2x 600w
    8ohms bridge 800W
    4ohms bridge 1200W

    Weight : 23 lbs

    All other details are available from the online manual.

    20180203_184428.jpg 20180203_184436.jpg 20180203_184444.jpg 20180203_184504.jpg 20180203_184512.jpg 20180203_184518.jpg 20180203_184456.jpg 20180203_184540.jpg 20180203_184627.jpg 20180203_184636.jpg 20180203_184331.jpg 20180203_184343.jpg 20180203_184349.jpg 20180203_184414.jpg
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