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SOLD Carvin BX1500

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by biggredd, Dec 18, 2018.

  1. biggredd

    biggredd Supporting Member

    Oct 13, 2011
    Carvin BX1500 bass amp head in mint condition. This unit is just over a year old and always racked. I bought it directly from Carvin and it was the last one they had. It is packed full of features and has power for days! I will ship it in the original box with the manual.

    The BX1500 dual mono block rack mount bass head delivers huge power that's rich and warm all generated from discrete, 12AX7-driven Class A preamps and powerful, reliable power amps. The comprehensive EQ is fun to work, shaping all your tones to perfection. There is not a more powerfully featured, fabulous sounding bass head on the market, and this one is an ultra-light 10 lbs.

    BX1500 Features:

    - 2 power amps deliver 300w at 8 ohm, 450w at 4 ohms, and 750w at 2 ohm each or 900w at 8 ohm bridged or 1500w at 4 ohms bridged
    - Rich, warm 12AX7 tube drives each power amp and features a rear In/Out switch
    - 3 EQ sections, the Contour Control going from a flat mid response to a heavy scooped mid response for slap bass players, the 3 mid sweeps with Bass and Treble precisely dial in your exact needs, and the 9 band graphic is perfect for overall tone shaping _ foot switchable. No bass head has more tonal flexibility.
    - A one knob compressor adjusts for smooth light compression and the internal amp limiters hold everything.
    - Bi-Amping is easily done from the front panel crossover control with each amp setting it own level for the HI and LO balance
    - Everything is nicely controlled with independent Amp 1 & 2 Levels and a Master Volume
    - A conveniently located Mute switch and an Active/Passive switch to tailor the input for different pickup configurations, plus Graphic EQ,Effects and X-over front panel switches
    - The rear panel features an XLR Balanced DIRECT output with Level control and pre or post switch.
    - 3 High current Speakon™ 1/4-inch combo speaker connectors are for Amp 1, 2 and Bridge
    - Rear panel Effect loop, stereo amp patch inserts and an un-muted turner jacks.
    - The CLASS D power amps feature high current, high speed FET output devices for optimal 2 ohm current.
    - The high headroom reveals its high dynamic power from the Switchmode power supply that operates at 100,000 Hz delivering maximum efficiency while reducing weight.
    - The head runs cool from its 94% efficiency. There is no wasted heat or energy from the AC Wall plug
    - Size: 2U rack mount 19" wide x 10.5" deep x 3.5" high
    - Weight: 10 lbs
    - Made in the USA

    - 1500w RMS, bridgeable
    - Dual Power Amps - Biamping
    - Warm 12AX7 Tube
    - 3 Parametric EQs, 9-band EQ
    - 2 rack space
    - Ultra Light 10 Lbs
    - Made in San Diego, California

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