SOLD Carvin BX500 and Eden 1X12 Cab

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    United States
    Local pick up only -- Cape Cod. Carvin BX500 head and Eden 1X12 4 ohm cab. A very compact, lightweight, loud and flexible rig with lots of tone shaping. Head includes a bag, although tbh, it's ripped (not buff; ripped). Add another Eden 1X12 4 ohm cab and the Carvin will switch to 2 ohms if you like (I've done this and played with a rock band in small clubs). The head is in excellent condition, the cab is in good to very good condition (non-smoking! No cats!)

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  2. G RICH 5

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    Dec 19, 2006
    Great price on a great rig.
    Those eden cabs are way underrated
  3. I do like the cab -- I'm keeping the one I have that matches it! Just downsizing for less volume these days.
  4. would you sell just the head?
  5. Sure. $250 shipped CONUS.
  6. Both speaker and cabinet are sold.